L O S E R N E T * P R O F I L E


I welcome you! Who am I?, you ask. I am the Ol' Lavahead and I'm also the President and CEO of LoserNet. Many people ask me, "Why would you want to be associated with a loser operation like this?" The answer is simple ... I'm a loser. LoserNet has a proud history. Many of its pages have received numerous accolades, awards, and write-ups in prominent publications. LoserNet has very humble beginnings, though. Within the confines of the world famous Roach Motel was borne the inspiration that eventually led to the site you will be visiting shortly. Yes, only two years ago LoserNet was maintained by an antique Tandy 8086 notebook computer. Then, however, we stepped into the 20th century with an outdated i486 NEC notebook computer. Our recent acquisition of a Pentium notebook computer puts LoserNet at the forefront of technology. You may be wondering why we could not appropriate a domain name of our own or why we do not maintain our own Web server. It's simple. We don't have any dough. I may be the CEO of LoserNet, but I'm no financial genius! I was $46,000 in debt. I reduced it to $26,000 and the first payment begins on July 6, 1998 to the tune of $320 per month. I'll be paying that every month for the next ten years. Ironic, isn't it? Just two days after Independence Day and I'll be shackled to my loans. Sheesh!

There is a wealth of information in these pages. There is a treasure trove of knowledge. Like the sands of the earth, there is no end to the vast archive of wisdom here at LoserNet. What kind of wisdom, pray tell? It is wisdom that can keep the common man from following in the footsteps of the Ol' Lavahead. Who would want to repeat the same mistakes, only to end up a permanent fixture lamenting at the Wailing Wall. Soar into the New Millenia with LoserNet! Seek the Highest Source! Scale the tallest skyscrapers! Dive to the deepest depths of world's oceans! Enter the mysteries of the mind! Seek immortality! Visit LoserNet now! Click on our logo now (or, if your browser permits, you will be automatically transported there in a few seconds)! Engage!

Chez Loser