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Palm Software

If you are looking for stylish, graphic-intensive applications, do not read any further. You're in the wrong place. LoserNet Labs creates only bare-bones, no-nonsense applications. The following Palm OS database software is currently available:

Psycho! Event Tracking Module
Are you a psycho? Type-A personality? Losin' it? If so, then it would be wise to log your daily transgressions. Very handy for counseling or in situations involving arrest. This simple database will track all psycho-events including type, location, date, time, medication, alcohol and substance use, possible immediate disorder, and other pertinent information in a rapid drop-down menu format. Even if you are not a psycho, would it not be wise to monitor this kind of aberrant behavior before tragedy strikes? Don't leave home without it. Download Psycho! (March 12, 2001)

Rejected by Tucows! "Tucows will not host software that is inappropriate for 'family use' i.e. is adult related. Your application falls into that category."

Choke da Chicken!
If you've read many Web journals and on-line diaries, you may have noticed that the authors always seem to includes details about their solo sessions. If you are one of these authors, or you just need to know, then you can track these personal moments with this handy database. You can log start and finish times, location, and rate the moment with quick drop-down menu options. You'll never forget any of the intimate details. Download Choke da Chicken! (March 19, 2001)

There are many cataloging applications for mainstream video and DVD collections, but what about your prized hurdy-gurdy library? Use this database to track specifics including scene details, your personal rating, brief review and more in easy-to-enter and drop-down menu formats. Keep this valuable information at your fingertips to insure a more productive Friday or Saturday evening home alone. Download
Hurdy-Gurdy (March 20, 2001)

Moronic Roommate
Roommate from hell? Why not keep track of the brain donor's moronic ways? When the fool complains about anything, just call up this database and perform a cathartic dump on 'em. Great for moronic spouses as well. Log all of those annoying traits that you have come to despise including eating habits and personal hygiene through convenient drop-down menu options and easy-entry fields. Your landlord may get a kick out of it, too. Download
Moronic Roommate (March 20, 2001)

Cubicle Watch
Things getting out of hand at the collective? Don't store your logged observations on your workstation, fool! And, do not put anything in NotePad on your corporate Palm device. Use your personal palm. What better way to track the comings and goings of all the slimeballs in the stacked cubicles than an application designed specifically for that purpose. You may need the data to keep your job, or you may need it to present to your attorney. Coming soon!

LoserNet Labs Software
LoserNet Labs makes its software available as freeware. You may use the software for your personal use. Suggestions are also welcome including improvements to existing products or new product ideas. E-mail: LoserNet@hotmail.com

LoserNet Labs will be revising software periodically. Increased performance and enhancements are the goals using a variety of IDE and RAD applications. Revision dates will appear after initial release date above.

LoserNet Labs assumes no liability for any consequences resulting from the use of its software. All software Copyright 2001 by LoserNet Labs. All rights reserved.