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The Year of Living Dangerously
From Purgatory to Perdition

Note: This volume has been edited beyond recognition.

Wednesday March 26, 2003

Woke up. Drank coffee. Lapsed in and out of a coma in my favorite chair all morning. Later, I decided to take the street bus to town so that I could go to the gym there. I left at 1pm and arrived an hour later. I really did not want to go to the gym in Koko Marina. I don't particularly like that gym. My favorite Asian babe was there. She is such a hottie. As I boarded the express bus to depart for home, I saw her walking across the street. My mind was ready to snap. Since today was a holiday, I did not hang out at the Diploma Mill.

What's up for the evening? Bose Acoustic Wave. Psychotic classical pieces. iBook. I walked outside at 10pm last night. I was amazed to see that the sky was completely clear. However, I was too fatigued to carry my beloved Orion telescope outside. The skies are cloudy tonight. My PayPal account has been restored. I hope to sell off the rest of my worldly possessions on eBay. Did you know that only two of my remaining durable goods were actually produced in the US? That's right. My Nova Spirit and my Bose Acoustic Wave. Sheesh! I am still at a loss about how the majority of people in this nation are in full support of the invasion of Iraq. We are attempting to "liberate" people who don't want to be liberated, and obviously not by us. So, we are going to "liberate" them from their miserable existence through genocide. That will teach them all a lesson for being so ungrateful, eh? The resulting cycle of stupidity makes even less sense. As casualties mount, the idiotic populace will call for more Iraqi blood. This so-called "war" is turning into an Anglo-Saxon crusade. Say, what ever happened to Osama?

Thursday March 27

It's been raining all day. I took the street bus to town again, just so I could go to the gym. I arrived in town a little early. I walked down Fort Street Mall to the Diploma Mill. I was trying to remember what the place looked like when I was a kid. To kill more time, I looked around the Ross store. Shopping for crap is not an exciting activity for me. The gym is my only diversion. I don't find it fun like in Convalescent City. However, I feel that I am doing something positive insofar as my health is concerned. My favorite Asian babe was there. She was still there when I left. I was climbing the stairs when I spotted her doing arm curls. Man, baby is looking really fine. A couple of the older babes who ride the afternoon express bus chatted with me today. I am not sure why I refer to them as "older" since they are most likely in my age group.

There's not much good to say about the invasion of Iraq. It has certainly polarized the general public. I can see the possibility of a civil war erupting, however the "patriots" now have the law on their side. I overheard two Nazis talking on the bus today. One was an old bag. "I am sick of these anti-war idiots. If they don't like the freedom given to them here, then they should get out of the country," the hag said. Isn't freedom of speech one of our rights? Oh, I forgot, that's been eliminated. The old bag spewed out more crap about how this "war" was necessary because of the alleged World Trade Center "terrorist" attacks. I have read that almost everyone believes Saddam is responsible for those attacks. The whole country is comprised of [copulating] morons, just like Chimpo. Ignorance may be bliss, but it is also damned dangerous. My guess is that, if some rogue nation invaded the US, most of us would surrender immediately. The majority of people are fat, stupid, and docile. They couldn't possibly put up any kind of resistance. The others would panic and flee. The resulting stampede would finish them off. It would be prudent for the small minority of monks (e.g., the ol' lavahead) to purchase a reliable 9mm "peace maker" and a lot of ammunition. The day is coming when there will be general anarchy and chaos.

Victory in Iraq will come at a great price. We will have to live with resulting genocide. It will be very dangerous to venture abroad as an "American." Real, not staged, acts of aggression and terrorism will increase. The subsequent invasion of Iran and other Arab states will further exacerbate these problems and may finally precipitate a civil war in the US. The pivotal point will be when the 2004 elections are usurped by another coup. However, the contingencies have already been planned for by the latter. Dissension will be illegal. The "victory" will bring some temporary relief. There will be a short rally in the markets. Oil prices will be down and consumption will go through the roof. The dollar will be stabilized. Yet, ten years down the line, we will have a permanent energy crisis. The estimates of remaining oil reserves lasting 40 years is ludicrous. With developing countries like China and the various "third world" nations jumping on the consumerist bandwagon, those remaining reserves will be sucked dry in no time. Remember the Moai. Buy a "nine."

Friday March 28

I spent several hours last night reading the translation of the Russian Web site covering the invasion of Iraq. The translation is available at the Venik's Aviation site. Most of the information originates from the Main Intelligence Directorate (Glavnoye Razvedyvatelnoye Upravleniye, or GRU), the all-seeing eye of the Russian military. My suggestion to anyone who desires to know what is really happening in Iraq — read it now! Be sure to have the psychotic classical pieces playing in the background. Alas, what would I do without my beloved Bose Acoustic Wave? The Russian translations have provided a lot of insight about what's been happening in Iraq. The major events detailed also happen to coincide with the news provided by the media whores. However, the blanks have finally been filled in. It is clear that the invasion is not going well for the "coalition." Then, why not withdraw the troops immediately? It becomes clear that "liberation" is not the issue, but ShrubCo continues to maintain the ruse. Ultimately, the decision may come down to a complete decimation of the Iraqi population. This will be justified by the alleged "partisan" actions of the latter. I suspect that the "coalition" will detonate a nuclear weapon in Baghdad if it cannot locate and eliminate the top Iraqi command structure or control the Iraqi population. What will we say then?

This morning, I left for the Diploma Mill after a few cups of coffee. Moms rode the street bus with me. Moms got off at Kahala Mall. I did not get much done today. So, I took the bus to CompUSA. I was able to peruse the new Apple PowerBook G4. The model with the 12-inch screen is available now. It looks similar to my beloved iBook. I was impressed, but that's as far as it goes. I won't be in the market for a new computer for at least two more years. Later, I went to the gym. My favorite Asian babe was not there. When I returned home, I did my yardboy chores. Well, I'll be spending the evening with my iBook and Bose Acoustic Wave, as usual.

Saturday March 29

This unpaid vacation has been a good preview of what my upcoming unemployment will be like. I do not expect the event to be another "time of reckoning." I could do more to ease the transition into that period of uncertainty. Why bother? I have been thwarted at every turn by the sinister kahuna anyway. I woke up this morning in a bad way. Aside from the fact that the world is in turmoil, my paltry existence is also a shambles. I find little value in my life, but this has nothing to do with "meaning of life" issues. How can my life have any value when the lives of many people around the world apparently have no value? Humans live for such a short period of time. Why do we have to make it even shorter for a select few? Why is greed so prevalent even though we will all kick the bucket in the same miserable way? This certainly provides ample proof that evil does exist.

Evil is an interesting concept, isn't it? It seems to be a natural part of human nature, so much so that most people have come to embrace it as a way of life. I've seen it in myself — my lack of patience, my propensity for violence, my inability to tolerate stupidity, to name a few. We often associate true evil with certain individuals like Adolph Hitler (and now Saddam). Yet, we all have the same affinity for evil. For example, Bug and Roach display the same kind of megalomania. They are just not in any position to prosecute genocide. Given the chance, would they? Sure! As for me, I'm sick of evil and "evildoers." Heck, they're all around me. The seeds of evil are known — greed, selfishness, and covetousness. From these three character traits all sins are derived. In modern times, sins have become "options." That's why we see so many "lip service" Christians. It's hard to believe that Christianity has only been around for 2,000 years. In that time, it has degenerated into sects of differing philosophies no longer representing the Creator in any shape or form. How do I know? Well, most religions seem to know the name of their gods. Even the Muslims whom we are currently persecuting know the name of their god. What is the name of the god of the Christians and the Jews?

Seems that the majority of people in this country believe they are "God's chosen nation." Coincidentally, there is seemingly a "revival" of sorts building to a fever pitch ever since the "terrorist" attacks. Suddenly, God is everywhere. People of no faith are even saying, "God bless America." Yet, who is this God? A true Christian (or Jew) would know that the Almighty has a name. The name is only recognizable by the Tetragrammaton. Unfortunately, a few idiotic scribes had fallen prey to superstition and removed the vowel points a long time ago. Now, no one knows the exact pronunciation. Scholars have come up with a few hybrid possibilities including Yahweh and Jehovah. There are many confused Christians who believe that the Almighty's name is Jesus Christ. A quick read of the "Gospels" will dispel that myth. I am deeply perturbed by the sheer number of false prophets and closet Christians coming out of the woodwork these days. They blaspheme and carry on, and the call out to "God" not even knowing God's name. They do know the name of the sinister kahuna, the deity whom they are truly worshipping.

My day was quiet, but not relaxing. Too many things on my mind. I walked to the gym and did a cardio workout only. The gym was extremely crowded. I did not enjoy my time there. Tonight? Bose Acoustic Wave. Psychotic classical pieces. iBook. Cloudy skies again, Sheesh!

Sunday March 30

My last day before returning to the salt mines and having to deal with petty treachery. I have been thinking about how we live in a society that condones and encourages lying. To make this conduct more palatable to the general public, the perpetrators have redefined the construct of lying. They refer to "untruths," "embellishments," and "deception by omission" to soften the impact. They use circuitous rhetoric or give rambling, convoluted, non-sequitur-laced answers with a tone of hysteria in response to simple Boolean questions. Lapses in memory are also often cited. In my book, this is called "spineless worm, weasel-like" behavior. Because of its prevalence, lying has become acceptable. We are being lied to daily by the media whores, by the myriad of advertising, and by people of authority. Then, we emulate that behavior. If one becomes expert in the art of lying, then the latter is often elevated to the status of "pundit." Chronic lying begets yet another sickness often labeled "denial." That's when we lie to ourselves. This is the state of the current moral decline in modern society, the roots of which are greed, selfishness, and covetousness.

Shirley called at 12:15pm. We chatted about nothing for well over an hour. Shirley's B-day is coming up in ten days, so I will have to reciprocate and take her somewhere for dinner. I did not do much else today. I lapsed into a coma briefly before I walked to the gym. Once again, the dump was crowded. I was only able to do my cardio workout. I have determined why I dislike the gym in Koko Marina. There are too many rude people, most of them being haoles. It's fairly obvious that they are rich [rectums] from the mainland. No doubt, garden variety Christians as well. I look forward to the day when society collapses. With my "nine," I will be suppressing these [rectums]. I will be the monk equivalent of Mad Max. That's it! Mad Monk. Perhaps I should write a screenplay. As for the fun I'll be having this evening, need I elaborate?

Monday March 31

An uneventful day. At the Asylum, I discovered that two more faculty members have resigned, one being Mrs. Quixtar. That dump is going to hell in a handbasket. I am beginning to make a few preparations for my upcoming unemployment. In the weeks to come, I will be pressured to make major sacrifices in order to survive the year. My favorite Asian babe was at the gym when I arrived there. As I walked down the stairs, I saw her talking with the Ambassador. I did my workout and stared at the floor as much as possible.

I thought that I had the babe situation in check, but it seems to be getting out of hand again. When am I going to realize the folly of my ways? Too bad The Master isn't around to remind me of my place. My time has come and gone. My chances of finding a babe are no better than my chances of accomplishing my five-year financial plan at the end of the year. I am a complete failure. Chimpo was right. I am a big loser just like him. Why can't I just accept the monk life once and for all? To add insult to injury, I was unable to sell my useless crap on eBay. I may just donate all of it to Goodwill. I can't stand the clutter anymore. Perhaps my current pathetic mood is the result of fatigue. I did not sleep well last night. Or, it could be because of the consequences of the invasion of Iraq. The finger-pointing fiasco at the Pentagon is a confirmation of what is being reported by the Russian GRU. I also observed that the media whores have now launched an all-out campaign to blame Saddam for everything, possibly even underarm odor. The nefarious purpose is, of course, to generate enough hatred amongst our dumbed-down populace to justify mass genocide, most likely by a nuclear device. This is what it's come down to. Then, there is the thesis concerning the collusion between Israel and the Anglo-American powers, which is based on the territorial expansion of Israel over the entire Middle East. Naturally, this would call for a complete ethnic cleansing of the Arab cultures. This alliance already exists. Yet, why would the so-called "Christians" want to have anything to do with the Jews? After all, it was the prevailing Jewish sects who had the Son Of God tortured and murdered. How can we stop the madness? Well, I will spend the evening with my trusty companion, my beloved iBook.

Tuesday April 1

April Fool's Day. My day. There's no fool like an old fool. For the most part, the day was uneventful. I was extremely fatigued because a mosquito was buzzing around the oversized cranium all night long. I was not able to sleep well. I discovered that my Palm IIIe actually was sold on eBay. I will ship it off tomorrow. My favorite Asian babe was at the gym. I will be spending the evening with my beloved iBook. I unwrapped my Bose Acoustic Wave to listen to the psychotic classical pieces on public radio. Pledge Week commences tomorrow, so I won't be listening to public radio for at least two weeks.

My chronic fatigue is most likely the result of deep feelings of hopelessness and alienation. No matter what anyone says, I am convinced that the invasion of Iraq has spiraled totally out of control. In my small world, I wonder about my upcoming unemployment and my life as a monk. I wish that all of this was one big April Fool's Day joke. As always, the joke is always on the ones who find it the least bit funny.

Wednesday April 2

An uneventful day. The faculty meeting at the Asylum was a total joke. Bug gave out kudos to everyone except Kevin and I. What a joke! I mailed off my Palm IIIe to its new owner. Once again, I underestimated the shipping costs. I had to absorb the loss. PayPal and eBay deduct quite a bit in fees as well. I should have just thrown the stupid thing in the trash can. I ran into Pseudo-professor Robert just before my class at the Diploma Mill. He was on his way to the faculty computer room. After my class, I walked to the gym. I talked briefly with a former student of mine who was sitting outside one the outdoor cafés. My favorite Asian babe was at the gym. I did my usual workout, but I cut my cardio workout short. I decided to go back to the Diploma Mill. I ended up chatting with Pseudo-professors Robert and Mari. Then, Professor Gordo came in. He must have been itching to discuss the "war." He's an ex-military guy and a warhawk. I then realized that I was the sole dissenter. However, I kept my thoughts to myself. How could seemingly educated people fall for the "war" propaganda? I realized the one common denominator — they all watch the tube. And, they are all caught up in the materialistic life-style.

I now have to disassociate myself from almost everyone. I cannot deal with these conformist automatons. Needless to say, this has put me in a bad way. I am not sure whether to be angry or to be sad. Why didn't the Almighty destroy humanity a long time ago? We have never redeemed ourselves. Instead, we prove over and over again that we embrace evil. Now I know why I am alone. I do not relate to any of my contemporaries. This is also why I will never find a babe. I have no spiritual connection with anyone. I am completely out-of-sync with society. This will be my lot in life, and I must now accept that fact. However, I say to you that I feel a great calamity is approaching soon, as foretold in the Prophesy. This general malaise that we are witnessing is, in fact, a state of panic. The fear is rooted in our mortality and further obfuscated by greed, selfishness, and covetousness. We only have so long to live, so we are frantically trying to obtain anything and everything to fulfill insatiable and unabated needs. Now, we will kill for that. I cannot sleep well. In fact, I have felt physically sick for days. My desire to cast off my worldly possessions has also peaked. I am feebly trying to make an atonement of my own sins in this regard. Yet, what difference am I making? I am only mistaken for some eccentric old psycho. Lord have mercy.

Thursday April 3

At the Asylum, Kevin and I discussed the stupidity at the faculty meeting. To justify the budget cuts, several idiotic measures are being taken. One is the elimination of the coffee machine. Kevin and I laughed because we knew that was a sham. In the same breath, the 17 percent tuition hike was also announced. The stage is being set for the "layoffs." This pathetic act is similar to what ShrubCo has been pulling on the general populace for the past two years. As I said before, lying is so entrenched in our lives that we don't even flinch anymore. What was even more laughable was watching the Asylum faculty scurrying around like roaches in an attempt to one-up each other right after the announcement. Bug and Roach were loving every minute of that charade.

Claudia, one of my students at the Diploma Mill, approached me to discuss something in private. Apparently, her boyfriend has been acting up. Just before Spring Break, he kicked her out of their place. He's a military guy. She's been giving him all the money that she earns. However, she made the mistake of buying something for herself before giving him the dough. Homeboy lost it. He has also been threatening to beat her. She was basically a nomad for a week. Now, she's back with him, but she thinks he's going to act up again. I advised her to get out of there immediately. I also urged her to contact the counseling center for help. We then made contingency plans, in case she cannot complete the term. It amazes me how these babes hook up with such pathetic losers.

I read the news about the invasion of Iraq every spare moment that I have. It is my duty as a world citizen to be informed. The disparity between the mainstream media whores and international news sources is astonishing. To the dimwitted American general public, the "truth" is plainly obvious. This also reflects our self-righteous world view. We tend to distrust foreign sources. Yet, oddly, everything we buy is made in China, even those stupid plastic flags that all of the "patriots" have been waving around. The sheer moronic hypocrisy is unnerving. Lately, I have been hearing more of the "Get over it" and "We're past the point of no return, so we should accept it" blather. Haven't we heard this crap before? Honestly, we really could care less about other people's lives. Heck, we don't care about our own lives. That's why the gene pool is filled with fat, idiotic slobs with foul mouths and poor attitudes. There's nothing but lard in place of their medulla oblongatas. These fat cells somehow connect to the vocal chords, causing sporadic incoherence and obscene babbling. This is especially true of "neocon" warhawks. If they want war, the ol' lavahead can give it to 'em up close and personal. I'll jolt their nuts with my Nova Spirit just like what happens to the so-called "enemy combatants" at Camp X-Ray in Guantanamo Bay. These clowns need to be sent to a fat farm and forced to work off that excess blubber. Maybe they will regain some semblance of self-esteem and not have to hide behind military hardware just because they suffer from low testosterone. A little exercise might cure them of impotence as well. If not, there's always liposuction and Viagra. Baha! Ha! Ha! Haaa!

Friday April 4

I was extremely fatigued for most of the day. Dealing with the psychological war at the Asylum has been taking its toll on both Kevin and I. The "layoffs" are looking more like welcome relief. I was chatting with Pseudo-professor Dorothy in the faculty computer room at the Diploma Mill when Pseudo-professor Jim entered. He had a big grin on his face. "In a short time, it will be over," he said, referring to the invasion of Iraq. Naturally, this precipitated a discussion amongst those of us who were present. I could not maintain my neutral monk position. The discussion quickly became reminiscent of some of the more heated episodes of Crossfire.

After letting my class out early, I returned to the faculty computer room. Pseudo-professor Dorothy was still there. She was appalled upon learning that Pseudo-professor Jim is a staunch warhawk. It turns out that she is closer to my pacifist line of thinking. Then, I went to the gym. I did a short workout. No cardio. Pseudo-professor Jim was on the express bus. I talked with him for the duration of the trip. The conversation was much more sedate.

Many more questions about the Iraq invasion are being answered daily. The link between Israel and the Anglo-American powers is the fact that most of the "neocon" warmongers are Jewish. My guess is that the real common denominator is a common god. The god of the Muslim world is not the same. The Arab world has always been a mystery to those outside of it. Ignorant stereotypes have also stigmatized this culture. We often fear what we do not know. Rather than attempt to understand the unknown entity, we prefer to subdue and assimilate it. Or, we simply annihilate it. Shrub is also planning to declare an early victory in Iraq. Heck, it worked for the 2000 presidential elections. Millions were fooled. There are two rules of engagement for this particular strategy. First, the steady repetition of lies solidifies a state of belief. And, second, the more outrageous the lie, the easier it is accepted as fact. The invasion will soon be exposed for what it really is — oil grab, religious crusade, and ethnic cleansing. Those who survive the ordeal will be "Christianized."

Saturday April 5

Moms prepared all kinds of food last night, so I knew that the Ninja Turds would be visiting. Moms fired up the kamado early this morning. I decided to go to town. I left before 10am. I ended up in the faculty computer room at the Diploma Mill. I was fortunate to be able to obtain the key from one of the offices. I accomplished only a few tasks. I walked to the gym at 2pm. I ran into Professor Bryan and Pseudo-professor Cathrin along the way. We chatted for a few minutes. My workout was enjoyable. I definitely prefer the downtown gym. As I was standing at the bus stop, I must have been in a coma. I didn't see Pseudo-professor Cathrin approach me, so I was startled when she began talking. We chatted until my bus arrived. I returned home at 4:45pm. I noticed that the food was packed and stored in the fridge, which means that the Ninja Turds did not stop by. I am not sure why moms even bothers, but that is something moms has to deal with. I washed my hands of this nonsense a long time ago. As for the evening, I have nothing planned. The nauseous Pledge Week precludes any time with my beloved Bose Acoustic Wave. The skies are still cloudy, so I won't be staring into the heavens with my Orion telescope. That leaves my beloved iBook. Oh, what a life!

It is becoming extremely difficult to hold back my anger concerning the invasion of Iraq. My tolerance for armchair "patriots" is waning as the latter increase in numbers. The media whores have been extremely successful in selling the "war." However, I am not surprised. The vast majority of people in our society can no longer think for themselves, mainly because the only decisions they face concern consumer purchases. There is also increasing coverage about Shrub's "calling from God." I once was afraid that Shrub believed he was the Messiah. Now, I am convinced that this whole religious slant is just a ruse to fool the most gullible people of all. That's right. I am talking about the masses of idiots who follow those "televangelist" charlatans and numerous other false prophets of the apostate world of Christendom. If anything, they are the prophets of doom, representing the true "ruler of the world," the sinister kahuna. Perhaps you may have wondered why they can get away with this crap. Surely, the Almighty is not happy with being misrepresented. These evildoers may speak of "God," but never by name. Who exactly is their "God"? If these shills were capable of telling the truth, they would admit that they answer to Satan. Mark my words, you will never hear them utter the name of the Almighty. On the day that they do, they will be destroyed. The countless number lives lost in this evil "war" will have only been in vain. The oil reserves in Iraq will only buy four years of time at the present rate of world consumption. Some experts like geologist Colin Campbell believe that a major energy crisis is looming just seven years from now, when all oil reserves will have peaked. The other reason for "regime change" in Iraq (and soon in other oil producing countries) is to maintain the US dollar as the world reserve currency. Remember, oil is denominated in dollars. The plain truth is that the dollar is at risk of collapsing. This is why people are being killed. This is why we had to invade Iraq. This has nothing to do with God, whose name is Yahweh or Jehovah (i.e., the Tetragrammaton YHWH). This is work of the vilest kind and can only be attributed to the devil himself.

Sunday April 6

Woke up. Drank coffee. Lapsed in and out of a coma in my favorite chair. Ninja Turds. Walked to gym. Cardio. Walk home. Bose Acoustic Wave. Damned Pledge Week. Cloudy skies. Looks like an iBook evening. Sheesh! I've been thinking too much about the nonsense in Iraq. Tomorrow, I must return to the Asylum wars. Obviously, my problems are minor in comparison. I have been wondering whether I should become more militant. A militant monk, yeah! Remember the Berigan brothers back in the Vietnam War days? I was still in high school when the war was raging. The draft was still in effect. The "hippie" era had yielded to the "counter-culture" movement. It was a strange time. I remember radical groups like the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) which preached "anti-establishmentarianism" and the evils of capitalism. Much of my current attitudes and beliefs have roots in that time period. Unfortunately, most of those activists eventually sold out. They are the "neocons" who are currently wreaking havoc with the world. I remember discussing the draft lottery numbers with my homeys. We were extremely fearful because our time was coming. We often joked about defecting to Canada. However, we knew that we would be shipping off to Saigon soon enough. I was already on the mainland when I turned 18 years of age. "Tricky Dick" was in a lot of hot water because of the Watergate scandal. He decided to "de-escalate" the war, which meant a reprieve for quite a few of us. It was an ugly war. In retrospect, I wonder what would have happened if I had gone to Vietnam. It is a sobering thought.

Monday April 7

An uneventful day. The Asylum has turned into a dismal place. Even the students seem demoralized. Most of them know about what's being going on. Pseudo-professor Robert was in the faculty computer room when I arrived at the Diploma Mill. We ended up chatting for a while. He has been trying to get involved in more extracurricular activities. Thus, he seems much less depressed. As for the babe situation, he is moving more toward the monk life-style. After my class, My favorite Asian babe was at the gym. For the last week or so, she has never been in the same section of the gym as the ol' lavahead. I'll be vegetating with my iBook again for the evening.

The Cradle of Civilization. I have often dreamed of visiting the Middle East because it is the land where history and religion have intersected since the beginning of humanity. However, the False Messiah is now wreaking havoc in the region, which coincidentally is home to the ancient city of Babylon. Since the hand of the Almighty has not slapped down the False Messiah, he will become much more brazen in his genocide of the "Gentiles." He is also attempting to prove to the people of Israel, to all Jews and Christians alike, that he is the Son of God. Some may argue that he is another in the line of the great Prophets. Aside from being totally blasphemous, the Scriptures indicate that the lineage of Prophets ended with the last Apostle. Hence, by deduction, Shrub is either the Messiah himself or the "resurrection." In any case, this means that Christianity must now yield to "Shrubianity." However, it is well worth reading the 13th chapter of the Book of Revelation. Pay particular attention to the description of the "wild beast." Also, make note of the 17th chapter which describes the woman, "Babylon the Great," who sits upon one of the beasts. From now on, I will be watching for signs of fulfillment of the Prophesy. It's a pity. The ancient ruins in the Middle East serve as a testimony to the reckless past. It is ironic that war is being raged on the same soil as it has for eons.

When the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) "disease" made the headlines, I was suspicious. In an article in the local paper, I noticed that the highest incidence was in the area of China, so I deduced that the origin of the virus must also be China. My first thought was that the virus was a chemical warfare experiment gone awry. The odd name of the virus was also a clue, as well as the coincidence of its appearance during these critical times (i.e., invasion of Iraq, strained relations with China and North Korea, etc.). Dr. Leonard Horowitz, a noted authority on bioterrorism, has actually filled in the blanks as he outlined the grand plan by secular organizations to decimate close to half of the world's population. As far-fetched and nefarious as his thesis may seem, it makes sense. In the article, "A Great Global Scam," he provides substantial information that SARS is possibly a trial run of the "Big One" — a major epidemic of a deadly influenza-type virus. More than a few people will say that the ol' lavahead is too prone to "conspiracy" theories. It may seem that way. I spend quite a bit of time researching and analyzing material from myriad sources. In this particular case, I had suspected foul play before encountering the article. What has made me even more suspicious is how these extremely potent strains of viruses seem to appear out of nowhere. Each and every one of them seem more like bioengineered strains rather than naturally occurring diseases. In other words, they seems too perfect in their ability to kill. We are entering a very dangerous time. The world is close to total anarchy and, if left to run its course, it will result in almost universal suffering. Those who believe to be "chosen by God" or those who have appointed themselves to force applied Darwinian evolution upon the masses will be the catalyst for a non-theistic Armageddon. The time is nearer than we think.

Tuesday April 8

It was hot and humid last night. I could hear the neighbors watching the tube. Cheesy sitcoms were blaring from pathetic two-inch speakers. The only laughing comes from the laugh track. I sat in the former warehouse sobbing, barely able to contain myself. As I looked at the pictures of the casualties from the Iraqi "liberation," I was so overcome by grief. To most Americans, I am now a traitor, no doubt siding with the "enemy." I have nothing against the Iraqi people. They have done nothing to me. They are, of course, my distant relatives as are all people, even the schizophrenic, demon-possessed False Messiah. Lord knows, we will all pay for this atrocity.

An uneventful day. I restored my monk haircut, this time as a gesture of my discontent with all that has been happening. I am not able to sleep at nights. It is as if I can hear the screams of terror from the people who are being sacrificed for a four-year supply of crude oil. The Russian GRU source has discontinued operations, mainly because of the recent incident in which the Russian diplomatic envoy was fired upon by US troops as it departed Baghdad. My favorite Asian babe was at the gym. Frankly, I really can't even think about babes anymore. I am a monk. And, the antics of the False Messiah and his brethren are beginning to undermine my health.

I can't help but think about what is in store for all of us in the next ten years. When the oil runs out, there will be chaos. Every aspect of our lives will be affected. There will be no food or clean water. Health care will be non-existent. Roving bands of gangs will terrorize the population. To buy time, there will be a number of "regional conflicts." This will help to curb the population primarily through ethnic cleansing. Currently, our choice for extermination includes Arabs and Muslims. However, the "Big One" — a major bioengineered epidemic — will be unleashed, which will reduce the world population significantly. As to be expected, all of the "victims" will span the demographic from the poverty class to the middle class. This caste cleansing will finally remove the most unsavory elements of society. Only the "pedigree" class will survive intact. The fittest of the remaining castes will be relegated to slavery. The SARS project was a test case to observe the viral incubation and gestation phenomena as applied to human migration patterns. This is the coming "Kingdom of God," as prophesied by the False Messiah and his brethren. Unfortunately, only Divine intervention can stop this madness. However, in the coming months, I will unleash my own plan to survive the New Holocaust and how we can fell this "Kingdom of Satan."

Wednesday April 9

An uneventful day. At the Asylum, I had an interesting discussion with Gino, another faculty member. He doesn't play the game, but he also doesn't seem to care if he is laid off or not. Sound familiar? He had some interesting information about Social Security, since he is semi-retired. Gino also has a private accounting practice. He teaches classes mainly for fun. He said that Social Security benefits are based only on the last 40 quarters of employment. So, in order to claim benefits upon retirement, one merely had to be employed steadily for the prior ten years. I also chatted with Pseudo-professors Dorothy, Mari, and Robert at the Diploma Mill. My favorite Asian babe was at the gym this afternoon. In a moment of weakness, I pondered about how I could possibly hook up with her. I had to cut my workout short. No cardio. I walked back to the faculty computer room at the Diploma Mill. I perused a number of e-card sites so that I could send a B-day e-card to Shirley. I doubt that she would be too happy if I had forgotten. That's the way babes are. I also have to plan to take her out to dinner sometime.

The "war" in Iraq ended abruptly, which has now provoked a lot of suspicion on my part. Apparently, Saddam and thousands of his troops have disappeared. Sounds like the suspicious disappearance of Osama and the Taliban, eh? My suspicions were actually piqued when I read the Russian GRU analysis about two weeks ago. No aircraft and only a few missiles were used by the Iraqis during the battle, even though it was confirmed that both existed in significant quantities. Then, there was the curious rumor of a possible brokered cease-fire about a week ago. The "war" also conveniently ended exactly a week before Congress could officially recall the troops. In both Afghanistan and Iraq, large "bunker buster" bombs were used to destroy the locations where Osama and Saddam were respectively pinpointed. That's exactly when they just vanish into thin air. I am beginning to suspect that these operations were staged in the spirit of Operation Northwoods. The "collateral damage" was necessary to maintain realism. I am beginning to believe that both of these so-called "villains" were paid off and given safe passage in the end. After all, every man has his price, as the old adage goes. If they had not been bought off, the "war" would have dragged on much longer. This also explains why the Russian diplomatic envoy was harassed as it departed Baghdad. The real truth is in those intercepted military communications detailed by the Russian GRU. This does bring us full circle to September 11, 2001. I am even more convinced that the event was also staged. This kind of chicanery is not new. About a decade ago, the elder Shrub had paid off the Iranians to hold the American hostages until after the election to insure Jimmy Carter's loss. Well, I am only glad that the violence has seemingly ended for the most part. Many of the Iraqi civilians can return to their normal lives, or what's left of it. Nothing can bring back the lives lost on both sides. That is the truly sad part. May peace be with us all.

Thursday April 10

At the Asylum, I discovered that Bug and Roach are still up to no good. Joe, one of my students, was late to class. He spoke with me privately to explain what happened. Lisa, the student services coordinator, had asked to speak with him. She said that a student had lodged a complaint about my class. She wanted to how he felt about being in my class. I found this odd and had Joe compose a statement, which will be added to yet another statement addendum. I told Kevin about this. I later dropped a copy off with the security guard firm. The "investigation" is apparently still going strong. The Diploma Mill had a few surprises for me as well. Lisa, the Asian babe in my class, has a stalker after her. She dated the guy for about two months. He has been stalking her for about eight months. He's been calling her and sending e-mail. Even though she has changed her phone number and home address several times, she still can't seem to ditch the clown. She has been trying to obtain a restraining order, but she cannot serve the papers on him because he has no permanent address. I asked her why she got involved with a psycho like that. "He really charmed me," she said. Claudia, the student in the abusive relationship, sent e-mail from Texas. She left town because the situation spiraled out of control. All of these babes are hookin' up with losers, and Pseudo-professor Robert and I are twiddling our thumbs. My favorite Asian babe was at the gym again. She probably has some charming, psychotic loser as well.

The Tehran Times was the only news source that reported that Saddam was cut a deal, citing that the Al-Jazeera network had confirmed the latter through a Russian intelligence officer. What is most interesting is that a plane was authorized to leave Iraq for Russia yesterday. The Russian ambassador had also returned to Baghdad. This certainly sheds light on the curious remark made by the Iraqi ambassador when Baghdad supposedly fell. "The game is over," he said. Of course, Saddam was probably smarter than General Noriega. He most likely kept quite a few records of his dealings since the time he was an "employee" of the US. So, what was the "war" about? I can only guess that we needed to rotate our inventory of weapons systems before the expiration of the "Best Used By" date. The Carlyle Group can now replenish the stock and charge the taxpayers. The two "wars" have also done wonders for the Office of Homeland Security. What is reality anymore? One has to wonder. All of the news sources were using the "Topple Saddam Statue" standard feed. Yet, a panoramic photo of the event revealed it to be a staged event with only 200 people in attendance, mostly "coalition" personnel and Chalabi's Army. They are selling the "liberation," but it is a farce. This whole life is a farce. We are all getting the Noriega treatment.

Friday April 11

At the Asylum, the registrar asked me if I would facilitate the operating systems and Web database classes for Summer term. I said that I could do that. However, in my mind, I could hear myself screaming, "Noooooo!" There is a possibility now that I may not be laid off. I suspect that the guy who was hired just two months ago is probably resigning. That will now leave Kevin and I to handle all of the computer classes. I was depressed for the rest of the day. In fact, I felt like I was run over by a truck. Nothing is certain yet. I will find out next week when the official schedule comes out. I am sure that Roach is equally unhappy about the situation. The real problem for me is that I cannot resign from that dump if I want to collect unemployment benefits. Later, I could hardly complete my workout at the gym because I was so devastated. It does sound rather strange that I would rather be unemployed, doesn't it? In the past week, I reviewed my situation and I came to the conclusion that my health is much more important than a measly paycheck. The Asylum will begin to affect my health the longer I work there. My financial situation is not good, but I have at least met my mid-year goal already. Incidentally, I have updated my net worth report.

What is even more ludicrous is that I am a monk and I am thinking about babes. I have already established that the world has gone crazy. So, what I really need to be doing is planning out my survival for when all hell breaks loose. Sheesh! I also talked with Professor Marv that day. He was not looking too well. During the Spring break, he had undergone another operation. "They took out my lymph nodes and other stuff," he said. "But, the cancer is completely gone." I suspected that the original tumor had spread, which required the second operation. I could see the incision spanning downward from his collarbone.

Our health is really all we have. Anything that affects our health, including a crappy job, must be eliminated. I am not even sure if a good health plan is necessary. Living a clean and healthy life is the key. Preventative care, a good diet, and regular exercise are essential elements to achieve holistic health. The removal of all stressors is mandatory. I suspect that stress is the culprit for most chronic illnesses, as well as psychological aberrations. Of course, it would be nice to have a good babe, but that is obviously asking too much. So, in planning for survival, personal health is the primary issue. We must insure that we remain as healthy as possible and keep our bodies as fit as possible. As world heath condition and available health services decline, we will be able to beat the odds of survival. Nobody is going to Noriega the ol' lavahead. Baha! Ha! Ha! Haaa!

To be continued ... Go to D.06

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