Exhibit A

The picture was found at an obscure Web site after a tip from an undisclosed source. The actual page located at www2.planetfetish.com/galleries/spy3/ is a front for a European Voyeur Cam (read: hurdy-gurdy) site.

In an attempt to prove that the picture found was indeed that of the handmaiden, the photo was submitted to LoserNet Labs. First, the picture was enlarged as much as possible before extreme pixelation occurred. The color saturation seemed more coincident with 35mm film rather than an image produced with a digital camera. Also, the image was much cooler than the harsh images produced by digital cameras. Several identifying details were then isolated. There is a mole or birthmark on the subject's back along the middle right. The lower spinal curvature is clearly the handmaiden's. There is a slight roll on both of the upper back thighs. The subject's knees and calves are large and full, and extend to the ankles. The subject is wearing the typical local (Hawai'ian) slippers. Hair color and hair length match the handmaiden's hair. The manner in which the subject is walking is unmistakably that of the handmaiden. Finally, the subject's buttocks are clearly identifiable as the handmaiden's.

The question of the origins of this photo remain uncertain. Most sites like the one displaying the photo usually steal images from so-called "amateur" sites. Nonetheless, the fact that the photo exists indicates that there probably is a set of similar photos out on the Net somewhere. Or, someone has submitted these photos to "voyeur" sites. The actual clarity of the original image seems to suggest that the subject knew these photos were being taken. The location is undetermined but it is either an apartment complex or a condominium in Hawai'i. The ornate door and door knob seems to preclude anything other than a residence. Multiple door mats indicates a multiple occupancy dwelling. The walkway is unique to this area. Note the odd wiring above the door. Just these very characteristics alone can be used to localize and identify the dwelling and its location.

Chances are likely that the unidentified "source" will further disclose pertinent information. If you or anyone else knows any information about this puzzling situation, contact LoserNet Administration immediately. Or, you may call toll-free (877) 205-6138 extension 7114 to report any information.