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Falling Down

Thursday June 27, 2002

An uneventful day. I go through the motions of a functional pseudo-professor. However, my heart is no longer in this chosen "profession." I have seen the light. I am merely a tool. An utensil. A fool. I have decided that I can trust no one else but myself. Thus, when I am finally part of the Citizen Corps goon squad, I will keep my eye on everyone. Anything suspicious will be reported. It's going to be the McCarthy Era all over again. I can just imagine the kind of chimps that I will have to deal with.

I have regained some sense of inner peace. I look forward to semi-retirement. Why should I spend the rest of my life as a committed wage slave? Time is money, and I am not paid enough to waste my life in a [dung] hole. This is what I meant by freedom. Emancipation. Alas, let us hope that my plan comes to fruition. For the most part, these are good times. I have been able to reconciliate with my conscience concerning my long hiatus away from home. I've made good on my promises. Well, I am listening to the psychotic classical pieces on public radio, courtesy my Bose Acoustic Wave. Later, I will peruse my Nova Spirit. As I have said before, I'm livin' large in a small way.

Friday June 28

The World Socialist Web Site has been pivotal in providing sound analysis concerning the endless financial debacle, the latest player being WorldCom. It is amazing to me how few people understand the concept of theft and wealth transfer, the common denominator in this sordid scenario. No one seems to understand that the money didn't vanish into thin air. When all of us lost money in the last year, it all went somewhere else. It did not disappear. Quite a few individuals became wealthier as a result. This only makes sense in a system that accounts for every penny that passes through it. All of our mutual funds, retirement and pensions funds, and everything else have been victims of theft and fraud.

In an article on the site titled, "Threatened collapse of WorldCom sends political establishments into crisis," author Joseph Kay asserted, "As Marx explained, there is an inherent tendency within capitalist society for the rate of profit — extracted from the working class in the process of production — to fall. With the development of the forces of production, an ever smaller proportion of labor is required to set into motion an ever expanding mass of capital. Since surplus value extracted from labor is the sole source of profit, this leads to a tendency for the rate of profit — the amount of profit generated by an equal amount of capital — to decline."

Kay added, "In order to counteract these tendencies, capital resorts to a number of different strategies. On the one hand, the individual capitalist seeks to increase his share of the aggregate surplus by increasing the productivity of his own firm: by increasing efficiency, by reducing wages and laying off workers, by developing technology. As all the companies must act in a similar manner to survive, this results in a general increase in the productivity of labor. As the proportion of labor used in the production process declines, however, it becomes more and more difficult to increase the amount of surplus extracted from the small relative amount of labor that remains. It becomes more and more difficult to counteract — by means of increasing productivity — the tendency of the rate of profit to decline."

It's easy to guess how these "tendencies" were ultimately combated. We are seeing the effects now. I suppose that it is easy to feel comforted knowing that "everyone" lost money. This fallacy has managed to curb the outrage. As Al Martin had concurred, only the new ruling elite have benefited. They have robbed the masses through fraud and transfer of wealth. All of this happened right before our eyes, and there was absolutely nothing we could do about it. I find less and less difficulty in the palatability of many so-called "conspiracy theories." My own take on this matter is that numerous conservative "think tanks" had analyzed multiple scenarios and predicted the results. I firmly believe that every step since the Supremos usurped the election process has been coldly calculated. With each step taken being much more brazen than the last, the public-at-large must have surprised even those very researchers with the sheer level of stupidity and gullibility displayed. How much further can it go? Looks like the sky's the limit. Sheesh!

Saturday June 29

We are being pitted against each other by the new ruling elite. The remaining amount of wealth to be distributed amongst the masses is dwindling. The employed wage slaves feel a sense of superiority over the less fortunate. The former engage in wanton materialism to outwardly show the latter that they are "privileged." This plays right into the hands of the new power elite. The more we earn, the more taxes we pay, the more toys we buy, the more we add to retirement plans, the more we open ourselves up for theft through fraud. True emancipation requires that we divest ourselves of two evils — the tube and the automobile. The tube is the subliminal messenger of materialism. In addition, it contributes to social dysfunction, apathy, degradation of mental capacity, misinformation, addictive behavior, alienation, submissiveness, derealization, crime, psychopathology, and more. The car (read: personal living room on wheels) is a rolling toxic waste dump. It can also be implicated as a major cause of global warming and pollution, deaths, alienation, social dysfunction, natural resource depletion, crime, wars, and much more. Further, those evil possessions make us believe that we are much better off than we really are. Both are placebos of a sick society, which only serve to increase the stronghold of the ruling elite.

I spent most of the day lapsing in and out of a coma. What else can I do anymore? My primary goal is to increase my detachment from society and to remain vigilant. I cannot participate in any activity that could compromise my position. I will not be swept up by the tide that has pulled everyone else into the overpowering undercurrent of conformity. Sitting in my favorite chair is a great pastime. Most of the neighbors are gone during the day, so it is extremely quiet. I can only hear the wind rustling through the bushes. I decided to go to the gym. However, I was unable to complete my workout because some dickhead decided to use several different machines at the same time. Mind you, the gym was not crowded at all. I cannot overstate that humans make life miserable for each other. I no longer look for the good qualities in people. That's a crock of [dung]. Those good qualities have long disappeared along with the now extinct "decent" human. All we have left are a bunch of self-serving pricks who believe that they excrete perfumed feces. I have no idea why they can't tell that their [dung] stinks because they have their heads up their asses as it is.

Sunday June 30

I did my houseboy chores this morning. I walked to the gym later in the afternoon. Fortunately, the meathead wasn't there today and everyone was acting civilized. I am not looking forward to returning to the salt mines tomorrow. I read yet another article about Wal-Mart. There are never any good stories about that joint. However, this is a good case in point. The only reason that Wal-Mart has become the largest corporation in the world is because too many people shop there. We can complain about its shady business practices, poor labor relations, and its contribution to the most negative of aspects of globalization. However, Wal-Mart only became a behemoth because the masses shop there exclusively to save dough. So, who is at fault? The Walton evil family empire? Or, the consumers who made Wal-Mart what it is today?

The only way anything will change is if the general populace (read: peons) make a few sacrifices. The rich [rectums] won't make any sacrifices. Why should they? They grow richer whether the economy is in the dumper or not. However, the damned petite bourgeoisie do not want to make sacrifices. They are willing to step on anyone to get to the top. Why? Because we are inundated with distorted images of the rich and famous. Therefore, we covet what we don't have. I suppose that nothing will stop this madness. We live in a society that offers us infinite choices. The ability to pay is the only requirement to participate. Moral or ethical issues are of no concern. Money gives anyone the right to do anything. There are too few people who choose a more cautious and ascetic route — too little to make a difference.

Of course, wisdom seems to only come with age. When I was younger, I was a complete fool. Now that I am approaching the Viagra Years, I see things differently. I can no longer maintain my physique. I make old man noises. Basically, I am falling apart. I certainly don't need to worry about babes. My time has come and gone. With that, I have also lost the desire to keep up with everyone else. Heck, I am so far behind that I can't keep up. I am not even going to try to combat the ravages of old age. Well, I will spend my evening with my beloved iBook and my Bose Acoustic Wave. I am looking forward to the next chapter of Gardner McKay's Stories on the Wind.

Monday July 1

I was comatose for most of the day. Fortunately, I am able to deliver my rote lectures as if I was on some kind of automatic pilot. Shirley and I went to Jamba Juice for lunch. As Shirley becomes much more comfortable, she reveals her real personality. Last week, she told me, "I wear the pants in the relationship," no doubt alluding to her propensity to be controlling. I was somewhat surprised to see that she does not fit the stereotype of a submissive Asian babe. I should have known better.

I have been trying to decide whether to close one of my mutual fund accounts. It is a technology sector fund that has pretty much gone down the dumper. I should be able to claim a capital loss of about $1,800 or so. I don't believe that the stock market will recover for a long time. The latest revelation concerning Xerox should be a major clue. More "cooked" books. Naturally, I turned to the World Socialist Web Site for the real analysis. In an article titled "Xerox restates billions in revenue: Yet another case of accounting fraud," author Joseph Kay detailed the debauchery. He also answered a burning question for me: "Why carry out these manipulations when the extra money earned in one year would have to be subtracted from future years? This was necessary because corporations are under enormous pressure from Wall Street investors to keep up short-term earnings. Otherwise, their share values will drop, which not only threatens companies heavily reliant on share value to finance debt, but also has financial consequences for top executives, whose astronomical incomes are bound up with stock options." Further, he stated, "Because of the accounting manipulations, top Xerox executives were able to cash in on stock options valued at an estimated $35 million."

The game is pretty simple. Keep share prices high by any means until the stock options can be exercised. After the [dung] hits the fan, the shareholders are left holding the bag. Transfer of wealth by fraud. These corrupt corporations then have a domino effect on the rest of the economy. In the meantime, these same crooks are sending thousands to the unemployment line. Little wonder that I have lost my desire to continue on as a wage slave.

Tuesday July 2

An uneventful day. I restored my monk haircut, which was my only priority. Yesterday, as we walked to Jamba Juice, Shirley said, "We have to go out drinking sometime." It might be amusing to see Shirley hammered. She also said that she saw Roach with his new haircut. "It looked really stupid," she told me. "His barber probably made a mistake and had to cut it short." Roach has an imitation monk haircut. I am actually insulted by this fact. Shirley is an amusing babe. She always tells me that I am "a really strange guy." The feeling is somewhat mutual, but we remain friends.

Well, Anonder has finally called it quits. His journal has come to an end, but I am not surprised. Sometimes I wonder how I have gone on this long. For me, the journal is about all that I have insofar as creative work is concerned. Otherwise, I am a complete nobody. My adventures are far from exciting. All I really deal with is eternal grief because of the stupidity of others. To show you what kind of nut I am, I peruse my Nova Spirit religiously every evening before retiring. I try to imagine myself jolting the craniums of idiots like Roach. I am not even certain why I find this benign activity so amusing. Sheesh! I oftentimes wonder when I will finally call it quits as well. I have been looking for a suitable ending point for the journal, but I can't pinpoint one. Real life has only one ending.

My second set of hurdy-gurdy DVDs that were listed on eBay have not been claimed by the sole bidder. I'll give it a few more days. I have yet another set to list. Then, I must order a few Tera Patrick DVDs to finalize my collection. No hurdy-gurdy DVD library is complete without the latter. I am extremely fatigued, most likely because my pathetic investments are being depleted with each passing day. I should have listened to Al Martin a long time ago.

Wednesday July 3

"You think I'm strange because you're strange," Shirley said. Once again we went to Jamba Juice for lunch. Shirley was not impressed by the monk haircut. "Roach has a similar haircut," I said. "Well, he looks really stupid," she rebutted. The rest of the day was uneventful, of which I am extremely thankful. Ron happened to be at the Asylum, so he stopped by to talk. Later, at the university, I managed to chat with Pseudo-professor Lisa. She will be leaving for Atlanta in a week. A few people are getting together on Friday evening at Luigi's in Kailua (Shirley's 'hood) to bid her farewell, and so she invited me to join them. I also talked with Pseudo-professor Cathrin, who is back at the university after a year stint at one of the community colleges. She mentioned the typical symptoms of an overloaded faculty member including fatigue. So, she's taking some time off by reducing her course load. Naturally, what Cathrin had told me only served to fortify my own rationale for semi-retirement.

Moms prepared all kinds of food to cook in the kamado tomorrow. So much for a relaxing holiday. I just hope that the Ninja Turds don't come by. My nerves are already shot. I was going to unwrap my Bose Acoustic Wave for a session of psychotic classical pieces on public radio, but I was just too fatigued. I will just peruse my Nova Spirit and look forward to the day that I jolt a few deserving craniums.

Thursday July 4

Independence Day. What a joke! Independence from what? We are encumbered by slavery more than ever before. Many people had to work today. Of course, if that wasn't the case, then I would not have been able to go to the gym to do my mediocre workout. I was in a bad way for most of the day. I wanted to take all of my possessions (with the exception of my iBook) and throw them in the trash can. What else could truly symbolize independence? Moms cooked a whole mess of food, mostly meat products, in the kamado. Then, the food was delivered to royal family, namely the Ninja Turds.

I suspect that I am going through the male version of menopause. There is no other explanation for my lethargy and apathy. As each precious day passes, I am satisfied with sitting in my favorite chair and lapsing in and out of a coma. My suspicion is that guys who are single and celibate are susceptible to this psychopathology. The inability to fulfill the task of procreation (as well as engage in da wild thing) is the catalyst. I am still very serious about my commitment to the monk life-style. There is no other viable alternative. I find that babes really get on my nerves, although I seem to associate exclusively with babes. In actuality, I foresee that I will become a recluse in the near future. I find that stupid, thoughtless people (who are the majority) are driving me insane. I cannot live cooperatively amongst them. I cannot be in any kind of proximity to them. Sooner or later, I am going to snap.

Friday July 5

I did not want to return to the salt mines today. In fact, I never want to return to the salt mines again. Sometimes I wonder about how I will make it to the end of my five-year plan. Last night, I tried out the new version of Acquisition (renamed with "c"). Since the developer has incorporated the LimeWire core, it now has "ultrapeer" capability. Seems to work pretty well. I'm not sure what the big craze is about pirating songs. I realize that music CD prices are high. That's why I don't buy many. However, most of these music pirates believe that they have launched a rebellion of significance. What a joke! None of these idiots are even aware of the effects of Enron, WorldCom, or Xerox in current affairs. The stupidity of the general populace is the very reason that these shams are being perpetrated upon us. And, music pirates, like software pirates, don't seem to realize that they are the reason prices for those products remain high. As for myself, I have only downloaded a total of six songs, just to sample them. I have no CD burner and I do not have any hard drive space to store such files.

I am quite amused when people say that they don't want to end up like the ol' lavahead. Why? He's an honest, dependable guy. I do little to contribute to the moral decay, pollution, waste, or debauchery which plague all of society. I have remained responsible even amidst the chicanery around me. I haven't impregnated any babes. I'm not caught up in the endless materialistic spiral. I don't seek any cheap thrills at the expense of others. So, I live an extremely boring life. I was equally bored when I thought that my life was exciting. The excitement was only a product of cheap booze. I now do what I have to do without worrying about whom I need to impress. That's all everyone is fixated upon these days. Just listen to a typical conversation. The real problem is that it takes a lot of dough to play the "one-upmanship" game. No one ends up the winner. People just end up looking like conceited pricks, of which the latter assessment is most likely true. Life is a matter of how it is experienced. Squeezing every kind of activity possible within our short life span only serves as distractions. We must instead become one with the life force of this planet, which can be difficult since we have paved everything over. We must become one with the Creation. Only then can we come to grasp some semblance of purpose. "Everything is vanity" — timeless words from a book dating back almost 2,000 years.

Saturday July 6

The farewell dinner for Pseudo-professor Lisa did not happen. I was really not of the disposition to attend anyway. I spent the morning lapsing in and out of a coma. I walked to the gym this afternoon. Once again, I could not complete my workout because of some inconsiderate fool. Later, I washed and waxed my six-four. The instrument cluster is still in pieces. I discovered more problems with my six-four. I have two choices. I can repair the problems which will probably run close to $2,000 or I can purchase a new car. The latter is out of the question. The worst part is that I can't even sell my six-four until I complete the repairs. When will this crap ever end?

Sunday July 7

I looked over my tiny empire, and I had to laugh. Yet, I observed that I still have a lot of things that I never use or serve no real purpose. I suppose that I could give them away as gifts. Yet, who would want those useless trinkets? Even my hurdy-gurdy DVD library is waning in value. Isn't it odd that humans are the only creatures on earth who need all of this crap? Sheesh! I am fortunate that I can experience "oneness" with the Creation in the yard. Even though it is fenced off by the neighbors' hideous concrete walls, I am able to note the plants, albeit sparse, and the birds who visit to feast on the assorted bugs. I try to imagine what the island looked like before the human infestation.

Our lives could be simpler. However, we are seemingly forced to seek excesses because of the fear of our own mortality. We justify large living spaces and hideous concrete fences using the issue of "privacy." We drive huge automobiles as a matter of "safety." We drive everywhere because of "schedules." Then, we buy all kinds of crap because we have the luxury of "too much free time." The justifications are endless, but the ramifications are reaching critical mass. In the end, the net result would be same as the mendicant alternative. I enjoy walking to the gym, even more than the gym experience itself. I consider the walk a part of my workout. I see a few people at the gym who live in the same neighborhood. They drive to the gym and save maybe 30 minutes of time. We are programmed by wage slavery to fear the repercussions of breaching time schedules. It's a silly game which really has no meaning.

I did not leave the house today. So, I did not go the gym. Most of the cardio equipment has been out of service for two weeks now. I also did not want to repeat my experience of yesterday. I did absolutely nothing. I spent a few moments fretting over my decision to not go to the gym. Then, I unwrapped my Bose Acoustic Wave so I could listen to the psychotic classical pieces on public radio. I was significantly unnerved all weekend, so I am far from relaxed. I am not looking forward to returning to the salt mines.

Monday July 8

Shirley and I ended up at Jamba Juice for lunch. I am not sure how to describe our conversations since we seem to have an odd friendship. "You should find a rich haole guy to hook up with," I told her. That's better than ending up with a local guy who earns minimum wage and spends it all on his pimped-out Honda Civic." Sometimes I don't know if Shirley appreciates my sound advice. Sheesh! The rest of the day was uneventful. I spent most of my free time contemplating my eventual semi-retirement.

Tuesday July 9

I have been extremely fatigued as of late. I suspect that I have been expending a lot of energy primarily due to my inability to accept my lot in life as a wage slave. This has been going on now for several years. I have left these feelings unchecked, so they have grown out of proportion. I can only relax when I am sitting in my favorite chair. That's why I lapse in and out of coma so often. Yet, in the long run, semi-retirement may not be the answer.

I ordered a few replacement DVD keepcases because I had thrown some of them away. I used a CD wallet case to store my hurdy-gurdy DVD library. However, I must divest several of the DVDs, which requires that they be packaged properly. I have also ordered several Tera Patrick DVDs, the last additions to my hurdy-gurdy library. I will be giving the CD wallet case to Shirley. I have become less anxious about the divestiture of my useless possessions. The real cure is not buy anything in the first place. So far, so good.

Wednesday July 10

Once again, Shirley and I ended up at Jamba Juice for lunch. Those delicious smoothies are now becoming a staple, but they are significantly overpriced. Earlier, Kevin said that he had spoken to Mike recently. Mike disclosed to kevin that he had a "falling out" with Roach. However, the cause of problem, as stated by Mike, was questionable. Apparently, Roach had exploded in a rage after Mike had allegedly made comparisons of the Asylum to another equally shady operation. I am more inclined to believe that Roach may have actually become a vertebrate and handled the problem concerning Mike's incompetence.

I am becoming a little worried about the current state of affairs. In a recent article on the World Socialist Web Site titled, "US preparing full-scale invasion of Iraq," author Bill Vann described an upcoming invasion of Iraq as detailed in a leaked Pentagon report. The invasion is allegedly scheduled for Spring of next year. However, an "October Surprise" may be in the works in the case of political exigencies (i.e., mid-term elections), the outcome being the creation of a war-fever atmosphere in order to rally the electorate around the Shrub government. In addition, Vann stated, "The series of corporate scandals that have drawn growing attention to the role of [Shrub], Vice President Cheney and other administration officials in criminal business practices make the launching of an early war all the more probable a means of diverting popular anger." The ironic part is that there is "no popular support in Iraq itself for turning the country into a colonial-style US protectorate," which means that a full invasion, including carpet bombing and troop deployment, will be necessary. Further, Vann asserted, "Military planners have warned the [Shrub] administration that any invasion could end in house-to-house street fighting in Baghdad, leveling much of the ancient Arab capital and leaving many of its citizens dead." What is the purpose? Oil, of course. What bothers me is that more innocent people will lose their lives in this sickening game of empire building. In the meantime, there will further controls added to keep the domestic population in line. Al Martin predicted that the posse comitatus act will soon be repealed and we will see the beginning of a true military police state. So far, everything that I had read in the alternative sources since last year has come true.

Thursday July 1

The young ho' and her BoyToys woke me up at 3:30 this morning. They were outside making a lot of noise. The same old crap is starting up again. Is it any surprise? Kevin mentioned that Phillip, the "technology curriculum coordinator," is away on paid leave because he is allegedly suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. I laughed. "What for? Chokin' da chicken?" After all, Phillip does absolutely nothing. He certainly isn't doing an enormous amount of typing. Kevin also said that he was called in by Roach. Claiming that a student complained, Roach chastised Kevin on a number of points. Kevin is certain that no one complained. Roach has been checking up on us with even less clandestine tactics than Bug. The Asylum is turning into a police state. It's a good thing that I volunteered for the Citizen Corps and Operation TIP. Roach may be setting himself up for the real Roach Motel — "You can check in, but you can't check out." Baha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!

I have read e-mail tidbits quoting international news sources. Apparently, there is a large troop deployment occurring in Jordan and along the Iraqi border in Kuwait. Further, there is word that Iraq is planning to increase its real oil reserves, which will make it the largest producer in OPEC, surpassing Saudi Arabia. The ramifications are clear. I again read an article by Mike Ruppert on the From the Wilderness site concerning a book written by Zbigniew Brzezenski. The book, "The Grand Chessboard — American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives" is most likely the Master Plan for the New World Order. The elaborate quotes certainly convinced me of the current "imperatives." Brzezenski himself asserted, "To put it in a terminology that harkens back to the more brutal age of ancient empires, the three grand imperatives of imperial geostrategy are to prevent collusion and maintain security dependence among the vassals, to keep tributaries pliant and protected, and to keep the barbarians from coming together."

Accordingly, the "war on terrorism" is really the "beginning of a final conflict before total world domination by the United States leads to the dissolution of all national governments. This, [according to Brzezenski], will lead to "nation states being incorporated into a new world order, controlled solely by economic interests as dictated by banks, corporations and ruling elites concerned with the maintenance (by manipulation and war) of their power." In other words, Brzezenski "offers the alternative of a world in chaos unless the US controls the planet by whatever means are necessary." Even more shocking is that these "controls" will apply to the domestic population as well. And, most of the unwitting public are inclined to believe that such actions are really for the good of all mankind.

Friday July 12

I neglected to mention that I talked with Pseudo-professor Robert yesterday. He made a rare appearance at the faculty computer center. He has initiated a discussion that has me wondering. He has made inferences to some kind of entrepreneurial project, but I am not certain who or what is involved. I am sure that he is questioning his own day-to-day excursions into hell (read: wage slavery). He alluded to my supposed technical expertise, so I can only wonder if he is attempting to encourage me to snap into action. My technical expertise is limited. However, I am finding that too many people are relying upon me to constantly provide them with free technical support. I know Windows and Microscum applications like the back of my hand, mainly because I have had to deal with those crappy products for so long. I cannot even begin to express the delight that I experienced once I switched to Apple. Sheesh! The high bidder for my second set of hurdy-gurdy DVDs has finally made a payment through PayPal. I will list the last set of hurdy-gurdy DVDs on eBay as early as this weekend.

I was unable to connect to the American Century site. Fear overcame me, as I thought that it had gone under after the latest decline in the markets. I have to feel sorry for the people who are just drawing on their retirement accounts. It seems that share market values have rolled back about a decade. Shrub's speech to Wall Street, complete with that ridiculous smirking, did little more than assure everyone that executive level crime does pay. I was happy to find that Mike Ruppert's site also tracks the Middle East oil negotiations. I am at least assured that all speculation concerning the oil Wars was indeed correct. Now, I am waiting for the next "wag the dog" trick — the invasion of Iraq. Nothing can make people forget that they are poor like a good old fashioned war, eh? Then, we can blame all our woes on Saddam. The sad part is that a lot more innocent people are going to lose their lives just for being born in the wrong place at the wrong time. The apostate Christians are the most eager to engage in genocide. Do they not know that the Almighty values each and every creature? Those who play god will find that they will answer for their sins in a Higher Court. And, I am not talking about the "born again" Supremos.

Saturday July 13

I finally was able to check my American Century accounts. I have lost another $300 in the last five days. Little wonder that my entire balance has not changed in two months even though I've been depositing my wage slave chump change. I surmise that the servers were extremely busy lately because everyone is pulling out their dough. My mutual funds are now penny funds. The net asset values are so low that they are close to worthless. The situation will be getting worse as I expect more sleazy corporations to disclose creative accounting practices. It's all part of the plan. These disclosures only finalize the losses. The money is long gone. We should see a complete meltdown of the market by the end of October. The Fed will then lower interest rates to zero, even if the invasion of Iraq goes as planned. I have already noticed that the little US flags on plastic holders are being increasingly displayed on all of the gas guzzlers again. The Shrubbery's plan is going to work as smooth as silk. The whole [copulating] nation is beyond bamboozled.

I mailed off the hurdy-gurdy DVDs to their new owner. Later I walked to the gym and miraculously finished my mediocre workout. I am just not in a good way. I wanted listen to the psychotic classical pieces on public radio, but the audio level is so low that it is almost inaudible. It's been that way for over a week. No one at the radio station seems to care. Well, I may have to sell my Bose Acoustic Wave after all.

Sunday July 14

I did absolutely nothing except move from my favorite chair to my beloved resin chair and back. I lapsed in and out of a coma as well. I did not even go to the gym. Some may wonder why I continue to waste my life away. What else can I do? I have no dough. I have absolutely no friends, nor do I care to put myself in any social situation. I can't handle crowds, traffic, and noise. Essentially, my nerves are shot. I am trying to enjoy life, but I find this task difficult since I have divested myself of all forms of entertainment (i.e., shopping, watching the tube, drinking, smoking, partying, driving, chokin' da chicken, etc.). So, what am I left with? Going to the gym, piddling with my iBook, selling off my possessions, collecting hurdy-gurdy DVDs, lapsing in and out of a coma, and wage slavery. Wheee!

I can really understand why Prozac sales are up. I am sure that shopping and drinking are also on an upward trend. People are trying to force themselves to be happy. I noticed that Pseudo-professor Robert seemed in good spirits. Of course, he is on some kind of medication for his "bipolar" disorder. He also mentioned that he had a doctor's appointment on the day that I saw him last. The drugs are keeping him afloat. I have no desire to use medication or booze to "bring me up." These are stressful times, and I need to keep my wits about myself. Fortunately, I ordered a whole mess of Tera Patrick DVDs.

Monday July 15

Once again, Shirley and I ended up at Jamba Juice for lunch. Shirley has been getting a little feisty lately, most likely because she will be leaving for Japan in a few days. The vacation naturally took priority over school, so I am certain that Shirley has returned to the old local ways. Aside from that, my day was uneventful. My Tera Patrick DVDs have not arrived. Perhaps I should order a few more titles.

Tuesday July 16

The DVD keepcases that I ordered arrived today. The losers shipped it by UPS 2nd Day Air which cost $15 as opposed to a mere $4 for the merchandise. I almost exploded. It will not be worth my time to sell any of my hurdy-gurdy DVDs at this point. I would end up with an even greater loss, since the cases cost $5 each. There is just no end to stupidity.

I have been reading a lot of material concerning the recent corporate scandals. However, I never expected the material to take me on a journey back in time to the Bay of Pigs fiasco and the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The common denominator, of course, is the same cast of characters who seem to keep resurfacing through time. There is an extremely convincing body of evidence to suggest that much of the material — formerly dismissed as "conspiracy theories" — is, in fact, the real truth. In an article titled, "Patterns of Organizational Corruption," author Kent Heiner asserted, "Prejudice often prevents the public from seeing the truth in allegations of government conspiracy. It is a common reaction for the average citizen, when confronted with evidence of such conspiracy, to disbelieve such evidence on the grounds that it suggests an implausible degree of corruption. It is difficult for people to believe that an organization ... could be corrupt enough to be involved in such activity, and more difficult still to believe that such large-scale corruption could exist without public knowledge. Therefore, the average citizen will conclude that many, if not most, 'conspiracy theories' are false."

Yet, most average citizens cannot be bothered with this kind of nonsense. If the event does not affect the individual's small little world, then who cares? That's why we are where we are. I find that more people are concerned about the RIAA's plan to curb music piracy to cause much more of a public outcry than the loss of our civil liberties. This really drives the point home about how consumerism is totally ingrained into our psyche. I have also discovered that quite a few people could care less about the current financial debacle because it does not affect them, or so they think.

I have been even more fascinated with the information concerning the drug trade. There was a brief moment in time during the Iran-Contra scandal that the public was able to get glimpse of what was — and still is — going on. Poppy seed production is back in full swing in Afghanistan. The whole sordid tale actually goes back to the Vietnam War and earlier. I will be reading more documents this evening pertaining to the JFK assassination. There seems to be a reasonable line of convincing evidence concerning who the perpetrators were and their motives. It is extremely scary in context with what is happening now, especially considering that some of the perpetrators are still in positions of power.

Wednesday July 17

Another uneventful day. Shirley and I ended up at Jamba Juice for lunch. I am actually tiring of this routine because I really have nothing in common with Shirley. Her conversations are somewhat vapid. She constantly tells me that I am "strange" whenever I discuss anything. Perhaps that is true. Shirley is excited to be going to Japan. She is leaving tomorrow and she wants to savor every moment of the plane trip because she will be "flying in business class" with Ramona. Being strange, I could not relate to the excitement of "flying in business class." What separates me from most people is that I am finished with petty [dung]. I have no time for that crap, since its basis is usually in some pathetic incarnation of petty materialism.

Moms is having the house re-roofed. This is the third time in the history of the dwelling, which is unheard of. The problem is that the previous work was shoddy. The roof over the carport eventually began leaking and all of the plywood is rotted. So far, very little has been done in the last three days. I am almost beginning to suspect that moms will be prey to another fly-by-night operation. Tar paper fragments and gravel now litter the yard as well.

Well, the Macworld conference commenced today. The new update for OS X is going to cost $129 for everyone. Ouch! I'm not sure that I will buy it, even though I can get an educational discount at 40 percent off. The whole world has gone crazy, so my last priority should be the Mac OS X upgrade.

Thursday July 18

The roofing job is a total fiasco. The main part of the house looks okay. However, chose the questionable aluminum roofing. As I walked around the house toward the den, I noticed that the morons had built up almost one additional foot to the roof. This modification was being done over the existing roof, so it really looked bad. I told moms about it. She called the asswipe contractor and I ended up talking with him. He assured me that the roof will look "just fine" once he adds the flashing and other crap. I know better. It looks like [dung]. When I requested that he terminate the modifications and just tarpaper the roof, he said that all of the materials were ordered and everything, including the wood, was pre-cut. I knew then and there that this asswipe was lying to me. He's taking moms to the cleaners to the tune of $21,000 for that [dungy] work. There is almost nothing that can be done because moms signed the work order. I had told moms a few months ago that the existing roof would last another 10 years. Only the carport needed a new roof. However, as is typical with the local ways, moms could not be persuaded. In fact, moms' rationale for doing a complete roofing was the matter that the metal flashing was rusting. Once again, my family is being fleeced. No matter what I do to try to prevent these things from happening, the result is always the same. Moms is always complaining to me about how little money she has and yet she gives away all that dough to some con artist. The worst part is that the roof is now worth more than the structure. Finally, how can you trust a firm called "Riteway Builders"?

This, to me, is one of the reasons that the poor just keep getting poorer. It's plain stupidity. In Hawai'i, the problem is extremely bad. That's why corruption at all levels is at critical mass. Many of the old time locals (like moms) are too trusting of other locals, mainly because of the ohana myth. There is no damned ohana. Just a bunch of thugs who speak Pidgin English.

Friday July 19

Yesterday in the gym, that luscious Asian babe got on the treadmill right in front of me. I was on the StairMaster. Baby was looking fine. A few minutes later, one of my former students, Darene, got on the StairMaster next to me to talk story. Darene was one of the St. Andrews high school babes taking classes at the university. Then, my favorite Asian babe got off the treadmill and left abruptly. I could read between the lines, but I don't want to flatter myself. Although, there were mirrors directly in front of us, such that baby could see what was going on. At times, I lapse into delusional thinking. Perhaps I should try to break out of the monk ranks. Yeah, that's a sure way to guarantee incarceration.

I called the State Board of Contractors and also the Dept. of Commerce and Consumer Affairs this morning. I discovered that the fly-by-night firm doing moms' roof had several formal complaints filed against it for poor workmanship and it was fined twice for not honoring its warranty. I called moms and told her to stop the work until some kind of remedial negotiation could be effected. Moms decided instead to give the go-ahead. There was nothing I could tell moms to change her mind. In fact, she began to defend her decision as well as the fly-by-night losers. I gave up. The house will eventually belong to the Ninja Turds, so it doesn't matter.

The whole situation has reminded me that I cannot really go into semi-retirement anytime soon. I have no choice but to see my five-year financial plan to the end. Then, I will have to renew my plan for another five years. I'm sure that the Turds are laughing their asses off knowing that their entitlement has come to fruition. What is probably even funnier is the thought that I will receive nothing. Who really cares?

Well, the stock market tanked again just as expected. I lost even more money, but that's a side issue now. I am convinced that alternative sources like Al Martin are right on the money, so to speak. It's too bad that I can't hook up with that Asian babe at the gym. Just kidding! I'm a damned monk.

Saturday July 20

I listed my digital camera on eBay a couple of days ago. So far, no bids. I unwrapped my Bose Acoustic Wave early this morning. I listened to the biased NPR news on public radio, which almost made me deliver street pizza. Later, I listened to the soothing sounds of my favorite psychotic classical pieces. I alternated between my favorite chair and my beloved resin chair, all the while lapsing in and out of a coma. I walked to the gym and was able to complete my mediocre workout without incident.

I spent a few hours cleaning the gravel and tar paper fragments in the yard. The grass in the front yard is almost completely dead because the roofing idiots have been trampling on it. I also observed that none of the rotting plywood was replaced. The morons just installed the aluminum panels right over the bad wood. I noticed that my six-four was coated inside and out with the filthy, black soot from the old roof as well as sawdust. The black soot is also everywhere inside the house.

I have been spending a lot more time trying to envision my future. So far, I see myself living in another shoebox just like the Roach Motel in Convalescent City. It will be completely devoid of furnishings. I will have my iBook and Bose Acoustic Wave. Perhaps I will end up purchasing a cheap desk and futon. I don't think that the Asian babe at the gym would be too impressed. It a good thing that I plan to be a monk forever. Sheesh!

Sunday July 21

I did my houseboy chores this morning, which was precipitated by the sickening soot all over everything. I also washed down the outside of the house. I also gave my six-four a quick wash. Then, I continued to clean the yard of tar paper and gravel. I didn't go to the gym because I was too fatigued. I decided to listen to the psychotic pieces on public radio, courtesy my Bose Acoustic Wave. I also listed a few more hurdy-gurdy DVDs on eBay. I have one last set of DVDs to list after this. Well, I am going to relax for the rest of the evening with my beloved iBook and with my usual Sunday night radio programs.

Monday July 22

I listened to Gardner McKay's Stories on the Wind last night. I cannot even begin to articulate how much I have enjoyed listening to the narrative. I discovered why Gardner is no longer reading his works. He passed away in November last year. In last night's episode, Gardner described how he enjoyed da wild thing, amongst other topics. I could relate, since I was once addicted to da wild thing myself. If that luscious Asian babe at the gym was willing, then I could relive those days again. Baha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!

An uneventful day. Since Shirley is in Japan, no Jamba Juice lunch. I spent some time investigating a few leads described by Al Martin. So far, I think he's right on the money, so to speak. In fact, the Office of Homeland Security is now looking at ways to dismantle posse comitatus. I believe that I know the sinister reason. The Shrub Cabal is planning for the contingency to a national uprising. The current state of financial affairs is becoming more volatile by day. It could be a matter of time that a grand scale version of the LA riots may erupt. In addition, as more and more people lose everything except the shirts on their backs, there will be need a large militarized force to evict and assemble the vagrants in a staging area (much like concentration camps). The initial reason for all of this is "terrorism." Yet, next month marks the beginning of new Stasi forces in the form of Operation TIP and Neighborhood Watch. There have been no new "terrorist" activities, which should tell us something. We are no more prepared than we were a year ago. True "terrorists" would have mounted an all-out assault that would occur in continuing waves of senseless violence. Instead, we have continuing waves of fear-mongering by the very same Office of Homeland Security. Strange? Not really. This is the ultimate case of "wagging the dog." The distraction was necessary to put all the machinations of a Fascist state in place that will be used on its own citizens. It boils down to the old adage — "Follow the money." That is, the money being ripped off through any means possible by the Cayman Islands jet-set. Once people realize that the money hasn't "disappeared" — that it has been transferred to the rich [rectums] and the New World Order ruling elite — there will be anarchy.

It's even easier to see why the right-wing gun crowd has been adamantly opposed to gun control. Those who are not quite rich enough to expatriate themselves to the Cayman Islands will have to protect their property from possible marauding bands of fugitives (who ironically were once normal citizens). I just hope that my Tera patrick DVDs arrive here sometime before then. Sheesh! I talked with Darene again at the gym. My favorite Asian babe was not there. Is there no end to this lunacy?

To be continued ... Go to M.12

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