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  Return of the 
  Stoneface Mack

From wage slavery to the Ninja Turds, life has continued to move in a circuitous fashion that leads to nowhere. Can a new computer placate The Keeper? Or, is he about ready to make his debut on America's Most Wanted?

Monday December 1, 1997 Whassup Wi' Dat?
Tuesday December 2 Downhill Slide
Wednesday December 3 The Zone
Thursday December 4

Friday December 5

More News
Saturday December 6 The Hawai'ian Way
Sunday December 7 State of Disarray
Monday December 8 Passing the Buck
Tuesday December 9 Lost Cause
Wednesday December 10 Kim Chee Days
Thursday December 11 Work Ethic
Friday December 12 Dork Glasses
Saturday December 13 More Pilau Junk
Sunday December 14 Losin' It
Monday December 15 Say What?
Tuesday December 16 Oh Brother
Wednesday December 17 Deep Pockets
Thursday December 18 Scapegoat
Friday December 19 An Historic Moment
Saturday December 20 "All Hell Broke Loose"
Sunday December 21 Where Do You Go?
Monday December 22 Deprivation Chamber
Tuesday December 23 Ohana Crap Shoot
Wednesday December 24 Peace
Thursday December 25 On the Edge
Friday December 26 Gravel Pit
Saturday December 27 Stoneface Mack
Sunday December 28 Two Days Left
Monday December 29 Emancipation
Tuesday December 30 The Last Day
Wednesday December 31 It Just Keeps On Going
The LoserNet Legacy Continues

The Keeper of Lost Lives: Return of the Stoneface Mack

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