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  Return of the 
  Stoneface Mack

Hau'oli Makahiki Hou
Thursday January 1, 1998 More Solitaire
Friday January 2 A Night Out
Saturday January 3 The Big Day Arrives
Sunday January 4 Killin' Time
Monday January 5 Gimme All Yo Dough!
Tuesday January 6 The Plot Thickens
Wednesday January 7 Putz
Thursday January 8 Turning Point?
Friday January 9 More Stupidity
Saturday January 10 More Pacing!
Sunday January 11 Turds 5, Moms 0
Monday January 12 No Title
Tuesday January 13 As the Stomach Turns
Wednesday January 14 Clean Off the Desk
Thursday January 15 Losing Streak
Friday January 16 Theatre of Stupidity
Saturday January 17 Here's Johnny!
Sunday January 18 Holiday
Monday January 19 Secret Personality
Tuesday January 20 As the Stomach Turns ... Again
Wednesday January 21 Windows Solitaire Revisited
Thursday January 22 Inadequacy
Friday January 23 End of the Line
Saturday January 24 Silence, Little Lamb!
Sunday January 25 Four-Flusher
Monday January 26 Cup o' Joe
Tuesday January 27 Fodgers
Wednesday January 28 Obsession
Thursday January 29 The Reconstruction
Friday January 30 Blue Screen of Crap
Saturday January 31 Eh, boy! Go home!
Let the games continue ...

The Keeper of Lost Lives: Return of the Stoneface Mack

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