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April Fool's Day
Wednesday April 1, 1998 Coma
Thursday April 2 Lost in Web Space
Friday April 3 Anhedonia, My Friend
Saturday April 4 Revival
Sunday April 5 Out of the Blue
Monday April 6 Best of Times
Tuesday April 7 Putz
Wednesday April 8 Missing Link
Thursday April 9 Thwarted Again
Friday April 10 A Good Loser
Saturday April 11 Lau Lau for Loser
Sunday April 12 Soothsaying for Dummies
Monday April 13 Mea Culpa Time
Tuesday April 14 Steel-Toed Boots
Wednesday April 15 Shiftless Bum
Thursday April 16 Hot Java
Friday April 17 No Time for Frogger
Saturday April 18 Roach Quota
Sunday April 19 Resignation
Monday April 20 Job Fair Fun
Tuesday April 21 Certified Nut
Friday April 24 Home Stretch
Saturday April 25 Quivering Blob of Jelly
Sunday April 26 Poor Moms
Monday April 27 What a Maroon!
Tuesday April 28 Case in Point
Wednesday April 29 Eh Boy, Go Home!
Thursday April 30 Losin' It With Lou
Let us continue with this charade now, shall we?

The Keeper of Lost Lives: Banality98

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