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bumrush da fools!
Saturday July 25, 1998 "Kept" Man
Sunday July 26 Back to Work
Monday July 27 Tunnel Vision
Tuesday July 28 Surrender
Wednesday July 29 Discovery
Thursday July 30 Strength
Friday July 31 Pumice
Saturday August 1, 1998 Affliction
Sunday August 2 Wall of Voodoo
Monday August 3 Purpose
Tuesday August 4 Retrospective
Wednesday August 5 Resignation
Thursday August 6 Soul For Sale
Friday August 7 Blockhead
Saturday August 8 Will to Live
Sunday August 9 Disdain
Monday August 10 The Wait
Tuesday August 11 More Reckoning
Wednesday August 12 The Bull Speaks
Thursday August 13 End Game
Friday August 14 Down or Up?
The Strangest Journey Continues

The Keeper of Lost Lives: bumrush da fools!

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