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City of Dreams
Soul Ballet

Salt Mines
Thursday October 1, 1998

Gone to Maui
Friday October 2 Full Moon Over Kihei
Saturday October 3 Back to Reality
Sunday October 4 Sands of Time
Monday October 5 Angst
Tuesday October 6 Too Safe
Wednesday October 7 Day Before
Thursday October 8 The Surgery
Friday October 9 Day After
Saturday October 10 Long Week
Sunday October 11 Charade
Monday October 12 Stress
Tuesday October 13 Ideal Guy
Wednesday October 14 Change
Thursday October 15 Simplicity
Friday October 16 Days Gone By
Sunday October 18 Voodoo
Monday October 19 Guava Juice
Tuesday October 20 Winter
Wednesday October 21 W is for Wort
Thursday October 22 Change
Saturday October 24 All I Can Do
Sunday October 25 Stone's Throw
Monday October 26 Time Will Tell
Tuesday October 27 Shut Down
Wednesday October 28 Third World
Thursday October 29 Sinister Kahuna Day
Saturday October 31 Happy Trails
Life As We Know It Ad Nauseam

The Keeper of Lost Lives: City of Dreams

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