Loser's Guide to
Good Organization

Reading Stephen Covey's book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, is only the tip of the iceberg insofar as becoming personally organized. A good computer would help. Not a lousy Fujitsu notebook that skips characters, words and even whole paragraphs because of its slow speed and puny type-ahead buffer. Well, that is a moot point.

However, the ol' lavahead made an unusual discovery in the form of the Palm IIIe handheld computer or personal digital assistant (PDA). Prior to the purchase, he was not impressed with the hype or the trendy reputation that these foolish devices had acumulated. So, he opted for the cheapest model, the Palm IIIe. Whoa Nellie! Was he ever a fool to believe that the Palm IIIe was a joke!

The Palm IIIe is limited but it serves the old fool well. He has put his whole life on his Palm. Mind you, he still has 97 percent of system resourses available. What does that tell you? In any case, the ol' lavahead now wishes that he spent a little more on a deluxe model. Does it matter?

Some of the greatest applications can run on the Palm IIIe such as Eliza, the Pocket Psychologist. Why waste time and money with a shrink when Eliza is a free download? Also, Mahjong and Solitaire are also available for free. The size of these files are less than 60KB for all. That's right! The Palm OS is simple. Yet, it has the ability to synchronize the Palm IIIe to the ol' lavahead's crappy Fujitsu notebook computer. Sometime in the future, he may even synchronize his e-mail. Sheesh!

LoserNet Labs has tested the device for several months before endorsing this product. Palm released newer models such as the Palm VII wireless and the color Palm IIIc. It seems that Palm Computing is forgetting its roots. Simplicity and affordabilty were the keys to its success. Now, it wants to compete with Windows CE. Could this be a corporate blunder? Only time will tell. In the meantime, LoserNet Labs has found the Palm IIIe to invaluable. Its usefulness as an organizer is indispensible. Yet, the bottom line is clear. The organizer is only as good as the user. If one is used to procrastinating, choking the chicken, or sitting sround endlessly in the detestable resin chair ... then it's a lost cause. So, get a Palm IIIe and snap into action!


After six months, the novelty of the Palm IIIe has worn off. The ol' lavahead is unable to see why he purchased the damned thing in the first place. TechnoGeeks want the latest TechnoToy. So, the Palm PDAs and the competing Windows PDAs are more useless toys that end up with the Father's Day necktie collection. Granted, the PDA is very useful for movers and shakers. For the common loser, it is just another trinket to impress others. Decide if you really need an electronic organizer before forking out the dough. One good thing ... Eliza the Pocket Psychologist runs on the Palm OS. It's a free program that provides about the same level of services as that of a standard HMO mental health provider.

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