Loser's Guide to
Good Audio

A person's life is a transient one at best. One never knows when one may end up homeless or incarcerated. And, even if that never happens, there are a variety of circumstances that may allow only a limited amount of living space like, say, a refrigerator box. That should not preclude anyone from enjoying good tunes. 

LoserNet Labs specifically looked for sound systems that had the following traits:

  • good sound
  • small in size
  • easy to operate
  • reasonable price
  • excellent quality
Without a doubt, the Bose Wave radio won hands down. Bose has done it again! The Bose Wave radio (pictured at left) is the little radio that could. Superb sound and excellent bass in the footprint of a standard clock radio. Even the crooks may bypass the radio because of its stealth looks. If you have more dough, then get the Bose Acoustic Wave (pictured below). It looks like room dehumidifier. However, it's more like a heater because it fills the room with hot sounds. 

The ol' lavahead used to turn his nose up at Bose products. That's because he used to be a pseudo-audio nerd. In fact, the first Bose 901 had cheap little CTS drivers in them. The ol' lavahead could not deny the fact that most of the Bose products just sounded damned good anyway. Then, one day, he heard the Acoustic Wave by accident. He walked into Liberty House and heard some tunes playing from behind a curtain as part of a display. It sounded like a large audio system. Being a pseudo-audio nerd, he just had to take a look. That's when he saw the Acoustic Wave sitting on a folding chair. "Amazing," he said. He's never wanted anything else ever since. Just recently, he finally was able to purchase his own Acoustic Wave. Prior to that, he owned the amazing Bose Wave radio. The great sound always prompted his curiosity. "How did Dr. Bose get that kind of sound out of those three-inch speakers?" he kept asking himself. Check 'em out for yourself!


Many stylish new minature audio systems have been introduced since this original report appeared. Some of the systems from Nakamichi, Sony, etc. sound excellent as well. Styling alone may preclude the Bose Acoustic Wave, but its price remains incredibly high. As many people have said, "It's a perfect gift for someone who already has everything." It is a toy for the rich. Poor losers need not apply.

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