Loser's Guide to
Losin' It!

Sanity and insanity. What's the difference? The answer is simple. When one is sane, thoughts remain within the confines of the cranium. Insanity, as a function of psychosis, requires the broadcasting of those thoughts, whether intrusive to others or not. As an example, a cheap 56Kbps modem can invoke insanity because of its inability to connect. A babe can also do the same thing.

Insanity. It can happen to the best of us. A cheap Fujitsu notebook computer which cannot even maintain a decent typing buffer is about the same as a babe gone bad. Waiting for dial-up networking to connect because the cheap modem cannot properly handshake with the host is similar to an experience with a babe gone bad. Will a babe gone bad cause insanity? You be the judge. The ol' lavahead went on a journey to hell and back. Submit this application to read about a real adventure into insanity. It may not even come close to your own experiences into the tarpit of life. However, it may be an inspiration to all that a "time of reckoning" is a matter of perception. Where you go beyond that is a matter of your own choice.

Some of the reader comments so far:


"You are a [copulating] loser."

"Move over, Charles Bukowski! The ol' lavahead is the new sheriff in town."

"I was moved to make something more of my life."

"It goes beyond the the journal as we know it."

Read for yourself what has become the literary classic of our times. Share the pain and sorrow. Laugh at the stupidity that is the comedy of life. Learn the lessons of life without having to live it firsthand.

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