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The "Blog"
The journal has finally been converted to "blog" format. Read it now at Blogger!

Same Old ...
Another year has come and gone. Yet, some things never change. LoserNet is the epitome of stability. There will be no modifications to the legacy pages.

The regular journal has been discontinued. As far as we know, it was the longest running journal in existence. Yet, only two people read it. An audience of two is better than nothing.

February 2013 marks the 18th year that LoserNet has been in existence. Yes, 18 years ago, LoserNet made its debut with Loser Living Upstairs. Where were you back then? Reminisce with us as we celebrate these 18 long years. [Historical note: original site debut was December 1994]

Mirror Sites
The LoserNet site is now served by only one host:

Due to funding problems, LoserNet may shut down completely at any time.

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