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End of Days

Clearly, there are numerous signs that the End of Days is near. The conduct of humans is sickeningly unbecoming. I am now keenly aware that vermin like Roach must protect their brethren. Surely, Mike is aware that the walls are closing in on him as he foolishly skirts with danger. However, Roach is unwittingly on his side, and is willing to protect Mike because he is part of the Dog & Pony Show brigade. I am not certain how these vermin can live with themselves. However, one look around and it's easy to see that [dung] like these [rectums] are a dime a dozen. Calling them "turds" is an insult to excrement.

I can see why I have become a monk. I cannot associate with the vulgar [dung] called humanity. There is a need for human "cleansing" and it can only be accomplished through genocide. I will not be the one to implement this plan. The Prophesy has already called for it to occur. There are so few of the "decent" race. They are outnumbered by the "indecent," the worst of whom share the same putrid affliction as Roach. There are far too many dickheads around, many of them pretending to be human by feigning human characteristics using rookie thespian skills. As for me, I am merely waiting upon the Prophesy.

Wednesday May 1, 2002

I was called in like a schoolboy gone bad by Bug and Roach. Roach immediately launched into a yelling fit. According to the asswipe, a student from my earlier class "just happened to walk in" and spill her guts to him about my alleged indiscretions. From his muttering, I could tell that the "student" was a mole. From my discussion with the moron yesterday, I knew that he was planning to stoop this low. Roach resumed his tirade with a scripted dialogue to implicate me. The logic that he employed was clearly devious but amateurish in implementation. Perhaps he broke out his business law book to devise his idiotic script. He continued his maniacal rant until I pointed out, off the record, the problems with Mike's classes. Then, the muttering started up again, which indicated that he knew about the problems and has done nothing about them in over six months. I should have cleaned the asswipe's clock right then and there. However, I just said, "You shouldn't get so upset. It's bad for your health." Then, the jackass really started yelling. Over and over, he insinuated how he was going to fire me. He also said he could have fired me yesterday for possession of the can of pepper spray. Then, the prick boldly stated that he strictly enforced policy. Roach is boy trying to wear a man's pair of shoes. He has lost control of his small empire and he knows it.

My time at the Asylum is limited. I doubt that I'll be there for longer than six months. I am planning to walk without giving any prior notice to the dickheads. However, I would like to reach my financial goals first. I thought that I would have made my mid-year goal today, but I am about $300 short. The home stretch is going to be a real struggle, but I will get there. The main sore spot in my conversation with Roach was when he brought up the situation with Toad and Malia, and how he had "stood behind me all the way" and supported my cause wholeheartedly. What a [copulating] jackass! The damned [dung] turned against me and launched a witch hunt, just like he is doing right now. In the end, this fool will get his just reward. He is too stupid and too much of a rookie to last in the big leagues.

The best part of the day is that I got to chat with Pseudo-professor Shagha at the Diploma Mill. She teaches biology and human physiology. She is apparently of Turkish descent, and she is a real babe. Damn! I have got to keep focused on my goals and the monk life-style. Otherwise, I am going down the toilet with the rest of the turds when the Big Hand pulls the plunger. Sheesh!

Thursday May 2

My classes at the Asylum seemed to go well today. I noticed that one of my students was making it very obvious that she was copying down what I was saying on a sheet of paper. Roach must have great delusions of grandeur. He is compromising his own employment by using amateur spies. The little prick doesn't know that he is playing with his life. I also talked with Laura, the student who lends me DVDs. She had gone in to see Roach a few days ago to discuss the various problems with the computer classes. Unlike what he preaches, Roach attempted to shift the blame back to Laura. She also told the moron that I was one of the better faculty. That did not sit well with Roach. He began fishing for problems in my classes, which indicates that he is definitely on a witch hunt again. I will continue on for as long as I can. Starting this weekend, I will peruse the classifieds to see if the Asylum places an ad to solicit new faculty. Then, it will be plainly obvious what the [copulating] weasel is up to. One day, he will pull this stunt on someone less forgiving. Then, booyah! Dead Roach. Baha! Ha! Ha! Haaaaa! Yesterday, after he was finished yelling, the jackass said, "Thanks for coming by." I need to shove some Thorazine up his ass. I should feel sorry for Roach because he has to go home to that homely toothpick of a wife. I take that back. I should feel sorry for her. Fortunately, I did not see the asswipe at all today.

I managed to talk with Pseudo-professor Dorothy this afternoon in the faculty computer room at the Diploma Mill. I told her about the woeful tale concerning Roach, complete with expletives. I referred to the asswipe as a "punk-ass motherf--cker." We also discussed more "meaning of life" issues. Yesterday, I ran into Pseudo-professor Jim and I also told him the pathetic story. He told me a personal anecdote from his younger days about a similar situation with a superior. "I told him I was going to throw him out the window," he said. We both laughed. People on a power trip like Roach are usually impotent. Sexual dysfunction usually manifests itself in demagogue behavior. Why doesn't the putz just buy some Viagra already? It can be purchased discreetly on-line. Sheesh!

When I returned home, I found the house locked up. Moms returned shortly after dinner, so I was relieved. Well, at least there is some good news. The ugly ho' has not been at the House of Lolo for three weeks. My guess is that the skank moved in with her BoyToy. And, the young ho' has been gone for three months. Peace and quiet! Because of all the crap at the Asylum, I have not listed anything on eBay. I also discovered that PayPal is some kind of sham operation, so I canceled my account.

I have included an excellent picture of Tera Patrick (above). What a hottie! I don't think that Jenna Jameson or Brianna Banks can hold a candle next to Tera. It's too bad that I can't find a babe like her. Can you imagine what would happen if the ol' lavahead showed up to a faculty function with a babe like Tera Patrick? Roach would probably lose it. Then, I'd have to "take him out," if you know what I mean.

Friday May 3

Roach has been working overtime to give me more grief. I was called in once again by Bug and Roach. This time, Roach had spent several hours typing up two formal written reprimands which will become part of my employment record. I will be "up for review" in a week and also at the end of Summer, according to the documents. The prick continued to repeat himself again. "The primary objective is to teach the course material," he told me. "That is one objective that I always meet and exceed," I told the fool, as he himself knows. Nonetheless, he continued to insinuate that I was not able to fulfill my duties because I happened to mention to my class that I was under investigation by Roach and his minions because of Mike's allegations. Roach has deemed this as "unprofessional conduct and insubordination." Roach also discussed several other scenarios which made it appear as though he had some kind of written transcript of what I say. Then, he quickly dismissed any notion that there was a basis in fact. I remained as stoic as possible. "I am not sure whether I see any concern on your part," he said. I am sure that he was expecting me to beg for mercy. I refuse to grovel in the same filth as that [rectum]. "What more do you want me to say?" I asked. After all, I have been tried by a kangaroo court. There was more demagoguery. Finally, Roach bellowed out, "Everyone will know that this administration will not tolerate any violation of policy." Here, the little boy was sitting in his chair and hollering like a dictator. So pathetic. Roach really worked hard on this one. Yet, two years have gone by and he still can't enforce the student dress code policy.

The final statement by Roach seems to indicate that he intends to use me as an example. I am the first faculty member to ever receive such a sanction. Earlier, a student named Susan mentioned that Chip had told his class about the outcome of a meeting with the administration concerning student complaints about the number of quizzes he gives. Heather, another student, has said that many faculty members bad-mouth the Asylum in their classes. Susan has also named two of the moles who have been providing Roach with information. She managed to find out from Barbie, who works in the academic office. I have engaged her in another mission to find out more names. Susan will be going to lunch with Barbie next Monday. Also, several students mentioned that Mike had grilled Alvin, one of his students, about allegedly lodging a complaint about him. I asked Alvin about this last week, and he confirmed the confrontation. Roach's written reprimand is based upon the fact that I had allegedly disclosed the details of a private conversation between he and I to my class. This, he said, was "unprofessional conduct." All I said was that I was under investigation for allegedly bad-mouthing Mike in my classes. Roach yelled for an hour yesterday about how unprofessional this was and how I had produced a negative impact upon the students and also hurt Mike. He also stated that all of this detracted significantly from the primary objective of teaching the class. Oddly, this was a two-minute discussion in my class. And, I have already finished the textbook with three weeks remaining. Mike's classes are in complete disarray in comparison. Roach denies that an investigation is in progress. However, I believe that he has been using several moles over a period of time. That's why he almost slipped up in the conversation today. My belief is that they are being compensated in some way. Anybody know a good lawyer?

Shirley took me to lunch today at the Old Spaghetti House in the Ward Warehouse. I was still a little perturbed about Roach, but we had a good time anyway. I told Shirley about my theory concerning Roach's impotence. Every time I mentioned the word "impotent," she laughed. I hope that I don't ever alienate Shirley. She has been a good friend, even though she is much younger than I. Sometimes this reminds me of when Malia and I were palling around. And, Roach was on a rampage back then as well. I am glad to be home. I have to think about my strategy. If I am serious about litigation, I have to get busy. If I could even get to the point where the case is settled out of court, then Roach's career will be over. He'll never work again.

Saturday May 4

Since the journal may once again serve as the basis of testimony, I will include as much relevant detail as possible. As you may recall, the journal was instrumental in the case against Toad. I must locate an attorney next week. I may ask Pseudo-professor Amber at the Diploma Mill if she can personally recommend a good attorney. She is an attorney herself. The main problem is that Roach has set me up for termination. I have worked at the Asylum for over three years. Yet, in less than a week, I have now two written reprimands. The third will lead to termination. That is why he chose to write up my possession of pepper spray. Clearly, he has orchestrated the sequence of events, just like he orchestrated the discussions (read: monologue) that we had. He let Bug sit in to "witness" the debacle, which is good. Bug never once calmed the moron down, which is even better. The silence is certainly an indication of appeasement.

In the meeting of Tuesday, both Roach and Bug were present. Roach did all the talking, and he was marginally civil (i.e., he was not yelling). Roach chastised me in a manner which seemed to assume that I had engaged in activity to deliberately discredit Mike and to bad-mouth the Asylum in my classes. I had told Roach that the students were the ones to bring up the various problems. Many of them are the better students, which gives them greater credibility. I have tried to turn the negative aspects into something positive, hoping to empower the students. I have also encouraged them to direct their complaints and suggestion to either Roach or any of his minions. What I discovered is that many of them have already done so, and there have been no positive results. In my own class we got to see this in action. The outlets in three of the classrooms (two of which are computer labs) share one circuit breaker. The one classroom sandwiched between the labs is often used for meetings. Over the course of two years, the administration has known that something as small as a coffee maker cannot be plugged into one bank of outlets in the classroom, or the breaker will trip. In fact, I was the one who pointed this out to Roach two years ago when a group of computers lost power during an exam. I had to throw out the exams. One particular day during this current term, the same thing happened. My students were irate and wrote Roach a letter about the problem. Roach came in to give his usual spiel that he was actively working on this problem. As Heather, one of my students, pointed out, someone could at least have put some plastic outlet caps on each of the outlets. Although this affects the "primary objective" of the institution, it is still on the back burner. Many of the students do mention problems in other classes. According to Heather, these kinds of discussions frequently occur in many of the other faculty's classes as well. Although I mentioned this to Roach, he quickly tried to turn things around by continually saying, "Look at Mike. He looks very depressed. His feelings are hurt."

At one point, I became frustrated and told Roach, off the record, about the problems in Mike's classes as told to me by other students. I have even witnessed these myself. Mike has frequently not showed up to his classes. Often, he calls some of his trusted students on their cell phones to cover for him. One day, he arrived late because he scheduled a haircut appointment close to his class time. When he did arrive, he was too busy taking the leftover sandwiches from a meeting to the faculty lounge (to take home later, I assume) than to go to his class. Shirley and I observed this. Laura mentioned an incident that really frustrated her. That's why she had gone in to see Roach. On the day of the Red Cross blood drive, Mike had gone down to the Asylum's library to give blood. Laura had seen him at the elevators and asked where he was going since it was just minutes before his 2pm class was to commence. Mike never showed up in class because he fell asleep. Of course, this was not a problem for Roach since it does not affect the "primary objective." Laura had gone in to see Roach to discuss these problems because she felt that Mike's class was a complete joke. Roach was not receptive. He gave Laura the usual spiel about how he gives faculty complete autonomy in the classroom. Obviously, that "autonomy" is selective. "Can't he at least have a plan?" Laura asked, referring to Mike's lack of any semblance of a lesson plan. Roach turned the tables on Laura by asserting that she had the ultimate responsibility to learn the material. Mike has also made his Friday labs "optional" for some classes, which is in clear violation of the required contact hours. Mike also sell cell phone contracts as a sideline. Often, he conducts business during class. Both Mike and Kevin have "self-paced" classes with take-home exams. I brought this matter up to Roach when I talked to the [rectum] at his place. I could not see how a student could be properly assessed that way. Simple "file management" (read: copying) could insure a good grade. It is fairly clear that Roach does not really care about his "primary objective." This is just lip service.

I was also chastised about the pepper spray. Roach had made no indication that he was going to formally write this matter up, as long as I complied with his request. I told him that I intended to carry it on me personally for two weeks, just as a matter of precaution. I have been wary of Roach's ability to insure anyone's safety ever since the incident with Toad. Remember when I asked the jackass, "What if Toad comes on campus with a gun and starts shooting?" His reply? "We will not tolerate any possession of firearms. It is clearly in violation of our policy." Who could have faith in this little boy's rhetoric? By the way, the Xerox massacre had just occurred around that time. I did comply with Roach's request but was formally written up anyway. His intentions become clearer with each step he takes.

Roach also chastised me for advising Evan, a student failing my Visual Basic class. I had asked Evan if he was putting any time into the class. He was honest and said that he wasn't. He has no interest in programming. He is more interested in graphic design, but the major was not available until recently. I urged him to consider changing his major. He already indicated that he would be going well over the time he had expected to graduate. Since he is already behind his own schedule, why not change majors to something he is interested in. Several students have expressed similar feelings and no one at the Asylum has anything to say but "I'm sorry, there's nothing we can do for you." That is the perception the students have. Roach chastised me. I could sense bitterness in his voice as he once again told me his woeful tale about how no one ever thought he would make it in life and about how hard it was for him to make it through school. One would think that he'd be sympathetic to students in a similar plight since he often spewed rhetoric about the importance of education. "These students need to learn the hard way. These are important lessons. They have to make mistakes. They have to fail. Then, they will learn the value behind it," he said. I argued that there is no guidance counseling at the Asylum, and that we can at least provide alternative routes for the student to ponder. At that point, Roach started to repeat that I have to "consider the options." Since the only "options" is to resign, I assume that he was pointing toward my resignation or face the consequences.

At the end of the discussion, Roach said that he would definitely look into the initial matter. He would notify Student Services as well to try to locate the students to see if there was any merit to Mike's allegations. Then, he would get back with me about his findings. As far as I was concerned, an investigation was being launched or that's the impression I got from Roach's wording of his procedures.

When I was called in the following day, Roach and Bug were both present. That's when Roach went on a yelling tirade. Let me point out that he was yelling at the top of his lungs. The jackass became confrontational and, at times, took on a bullying tone. If this conversation had occurred on the street, it could easily have been construed as someone who wanted to provoke a fisticuffs session. I believe that he could have handled this in a more professional manner since he is Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs. My impression is that he was trying to provoke a reaction from me which would have led to immediate termination. This unruly conduct went on for over an hour. He tried to use his usual technique to twist and turn the conversation in his favor. In this particular case, it was about the chain of command. Interspersed between his faulty logic were several disavowals about any kind of "investigation" of my actions. That wasn't my perception.

Over and over again, Roach harped on how "unprofessional" my conduct was and how I had breached his trust. My two-minute discussion with my classes also had a severely negative impact upon both the classes and the institution as a whole, he said. Once again he kept reiterating about how poor Mike was suffering from all of this. From Roach's inference, the students were extremely happy and satisfied until I had brought them down by feeding them disparaging information about the Asylum. Single-handedly, I was bringing down the institution. He also kept focusing on the "primary objective," which is apparently to facilitate the classes and cover the material. When I told him that I always clearly meet my objectives, he changed the subject. Each and every time I tried to defend my position, he either did his best to discredit me ("Frankly, all of this sounds real fishy to me.") or he changed the subject. No matter what I did to try to defuse the volatile situation and turn it toward a more civilized track, Roach returned to his scripted screaming fit. Even though he made several statements which preceded with "You may not agree with the way I'm handling this ...," which indicated that he knew he was well out of line, he continued with his yelling and condescending manner. I'm not sure how he could chastise me about "unprofessional conduct" when he was engaging in the same. Oddly, when the meeting was over, the asswipe said, "Thanks for listening to me. And, thanks for coming by."

I knew that the situation was far from over when I had to see both Bug and Roach for the "follow-up" meeting yesterday. I was surprised to see that he had formally written me up for possession of the pepper spray, but later I knew that, with the other written reprimand, I was being set up for "documented" termination. I have one chance left. I find it interesting that I have been at that dump for over three years, yet in the course of four days, I have suddenly become troublesome. Roach read both reports to me. He spent a considerable amount of time on this, much more time than on anything else. I have never seen him work so fast to get anything done. A week ago, I told him that the faculty office in the Asylum should have the lock's code changed because too many people, including student help, have access to the room. We often keep confidential information like grades and exams in there. The lock code has yet to be changed. The document labeled "Unprofessional Conduct and Insubordination" is phrased in such a way that it appears that I have caused significant damage to the Asylum, yet the incident itself is clearly very minor. To make it seem much worse than it was, Roach quoted as many provisions of the employee handbook as possible to include conduct such as disruptive activity, negligence, mischief, unauthorized disclosure of business "secrets," violation of common decency or morality, none of which have anything to do with this case. These were deliberately included in the document to increase the severity of the event, at least psychologically.

When Roach continued to harp on the "primary objective," I offered that he could talk with quite a few students who would attest to my competence in that area. His reply? "No, I don't want to drag the students into administrative matters. Something like this would not provide anything positive in their educational experience." Say what? In fact, several students have already told Roach about how they like my classes and that they actually learn something from me. Roach seems to be very selective about what testimony he accepts from students. His selectivity seems to also be based on which faculty member is being discussed. From what I gathered through Laura, Roach attempts to fish out negative comments about my classes even though something positive has been said. And, as shown, Roach has based much of what has happened on "student" testimony. These "students" are most likely moles. I see no other reason why a student would voluntarily take my class, and then dislike me so much as to continually try to discredit me by going to Roach time and time again. The motives for this kind of behavior are extremely suspect. What is even more puzzling is that Mike has never had any formal reprimand even though he is clear violation of the "primary objective" and has been now for over two years.

Megalomania has driven this fool to cross the lines of decency. I am not perfect, and I make many mistakes. I have attempted to make changes but nothing has happened. "You must go through proper channels," Roach admonished. I did, and so did many students. "When I first took over this position, I never promised that changes would occur instantly," Roach said. Why is the fool telling me this? I left the meeting knowing that he has no intention of keeping me on. Let's see if the ad appears in the classifieds tomorrow. Then, we'll know for sure that the [rectum] is talking through both sides of his mouth.

I have a few other loose ends to cover. When Mike originally confronted me in the hall, he said, "I heard from some students that you were bad-mouthing me in your classes. Is this true?" In Roach's office, Mike changed his testimony. "I don't even know who they were. I was standing by the elevator and a student came up to me and said that you came by my class looking for me. I don't even know who the student was." The testimony changed significantly, including the number of students involved.

Roach also mentioned about how he supported me through the ordeal with Toad. Yes, he accompanied me down to the police station, then on Nu'uanu Street, the first time. After that, he would only say, "Well, you have to do what you think is right. I'm not going to discourage you from doing anything but you should be aware of the consequences." Does this sound like someone who is providing moral support? No, it sounds more like a spineless weasel. I'm not exactly sure when he became a vertebrate again, but it must have been shortly before his yelling fit. "Don't push me into a corner," he kept yelling. He resembled a trapped animal, lashing out at anything and anyone.

In the end, he asked several times if I thought that his kangaroo court was "fair." What was I supposed to say? Whatever I had said was discredited, and I could barely get a word in during the yelling fit. His questions were more of the "Did you stop beating your wife?" variety. I really wish that people would stop trying to be their own attorneys.

From my impression, Roach seems to know a lot about what transpires in my classes. Several times, he was about to say too much, and then he stopped himself with the disclaimer, "I'm not saying that you did this." In order to really substantiate his claims for "unprofessional conduct and insubordination" as stated in the document, there must be more evidence, but Roach is in a quandary. To include prior evidence would mean that there was some kind of investigation going on. As I stated earlier, I find it odd that any student would want to continually file into Roach's office to report something just out of duty. There has to be some kind of incentive. I can only suspect that this is happening, but anyone reading the document will conclude that a lot of facts must be inferred to truly substantiate those harsh formal charges. On a campus that has less than 18 faculty members, I also find it odd that Roach would resort to such a tactic in lieu of more goodwill measures. I can clearly see intent and malice, but I am not sure of what the reasoning is.

The Asylum must be considered a hostile workplace environment. In fact, it has always been that way. What else could explain the employee turnover? When the walls have eyes and ears, one must always watch his or her back. Roach kept talking about "trust," yet this concept is alien to him. He has set up an environment of treachery and fear, and his real totalitarian personality came out the other day. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword.

I walked to the gym and had a pleasant workout. I have had a headache for several days now, all due to that prick Roach. When all is said and done, the asswipe and I will meet again so he can defend that big mouth of his. Vanessa called this evening. We chatted for almost four hours. She has provided me with more information to include in the journal.

Sunday May 5

Vanessa described a few more odd things that go on in Mike's classes. Last term, she knew that two students only attended his networking class a handful of times yet received the same grade as she and the others did. The grade was an "A" so no one is complaining. Also, Mike comes up with clever plans like his so-called "field trips." On one occasion, he announced, "Okay, we're going on a field trip. Let's all meet at Border's and go from there," to the class. He made the announcement for the "benefit of the other classes" (i.e., cover himself). Then, everyone went home. That was the day that he gave Vanessa a ride home. There are many more stories like this. Vanessa also discussed her science class. She received a good grade although she pretty much failed the exams. She asked Jimbo, the instructor, about the discrepancy. "If I had to grade the exams the way I should, then over half the class would flunk," he told her. For myself, I am having extreme difficulty in understanding how all of this meets Roach's "primary objective," and also how he does not know this kind of nonsense is going on. Exactly how does this create a "positive experience" for the students? How does it promote the reputation of the Asylum? I suspect that he will use "faculty autonomy" as his rationale.

Vanessa is already ashamed to even mention the name of the Asylum. When she was calling around about internships, she discovered that the Asylum's reputation is tainted. "I could hear him snickering," she said of one manager. Many other students have mentioned this. Contrary to what Roach believes, I have tried to defuse the situation. As it stands, Roach is placing this blame on me. One other interesting tidbit. It is a campus-sanctioned practice to notify students who are receiving Federal subsidized financial aid and had stopped attending class to return on one particular day toward the end of the term to be counted as present. You see, the Feds only take into account the last day of attendance. I believe this is to prevent the student from losing the loan and going into immediate repayment. Since, the Asylum handles all of the loan moneys, it is to the Asylum's advantage to do this. I do not find this kind of fringe activity to be anything that contributes to a "positive student experience." Rather, I see this as a promotion of "beating the system." No doubt, since this information has appeared on the Asylum's bulletin boards, the policy must be embraced by Roach as well.

As for Bug, she is in lock-step unison with Roach either out of loyalty or fear. When asked to comment in the closed meetings, Bug said that she completely agreed with Roach. Therefore, she should share in the responsibility for the decisions made and pending. As for Roach's rage over the change in my attendance policy, there is almost no need to discuss it. Other faculty such as Mike have made a total mockery out of it anyway. Finally, even if Roach had amassed secret testimony from different students, there was nothing to stop him from just stopping my in the hall and saying something like, "Hey, I got a few students saying things about you. You're gonna have to tone it down," instead of engaging in this mock tribunal. Of course, Roach will deny that there is such testimony. One has to only read the "Unprofessional Conduct and Insubordination" document to see that a lot has to be read between the lines. In retrospect, I have noticed something about Roach. As he lengthens his diatribe, he tends to build a complex verbal infrastructure around the original topic infused with rhetoric, formalized procedural tasks, policy citations, and systemic assessments which seem to grow out of proportion. That explains why I construed that an investigation was launched. Of course, he himself seems to believe the resulting infrastructures that he creates, which is why we are where we are now.

Moms told me that the Ninja Turds were going to stop by to pick up the bikes that have been sitting here since the big incident. "This will be a good chance for you to apologize," moms told me. I said that I wasn't apologizing to anyone. I already did my fair share of apologies, and it never gets better. "Well, it was your fault," moms added. I almost lost my temper, but I didn't. I have no time to waste on stupid dysfunctional family issues. I took the bus to Kahala Mall. I spent a couple of hours at Barnes & Noble. Then, I caught the bus back to Hawai'i Kai. I got off at Koko Marina and went to the gym. That's essentially my day. I'm going to relax with my iBook this evening. I have finished with my testimony. However, no telling what tomorrow will bring. By the way, there was no ad in the classifieds this week.

Monday May 6

If you've read about Roach's recent antics, you may have noticed that the dickhead is prone to refer to himself and his sidekick Bug as "this administration." If ever there were any clearer signs of megalomania and delusions of grandeur than this, I wouldn't know about it. "This administration" is Roach and Bug. That's it. There is also a small contingent of minions, not really worthy of mention. I neglected to mention that Roach also emphasized "accountability in education" on Friday. However, as can plainly be seen, only a select few are held accountable for anything. And, to further substantiate my belief that Roach has more "evidence," he explicitly charged me with "continued unprofessional conduct and insubordinate acts resulting on May 1, 2002" (italics mine). Continued? This makes absolutely no sense because there are no other "acts" on record prior to that date.

Nothing unusual occurred today. However, upon arriving at the Asylum, I walked into the faculty lounge to see Roach and several other faculty members engaged in conversation at the table. Perhaps I'm paranoid, but the conversation stopped abruptly when I came in. I said hello and only a couple of people responded, Roach being one.

Shirley had to go to the doctor in the morning, but she came back to class later. I was surprised that she did. I was already walking to the Diploma Mill when I saw her. We got a couple of smoothies at Jamba Juice and talked for quite a while. All the while, I was thinking that Roach could appear and subsequently write me up for "fraternization." That would make three strikes. I'm not sure why Shirley hangs out with the ol' lavahead. I can't complain. Lately, my world has been a little lonely.

Tuesday May 7

Both Roach and Bug passed by my classroom numerous times this morning. There was a meeting in the Job Placement office, so I'll discount this observation. However, a few students have remarked that Roach has been walking by my class quite a bit since Friday last week. Coincidence? I suspect that it is an intimidation tactic. Bug left me a note in her usual "micromanaging" style asking me to see her today. I was on my way out and saw her standing in the hall. I asked about the note. She deferred the meeting until tomorrow. I wonder what she and the mental midget are up to now.

I talked with Pseudo-professor Amber today. She feels that there might be a basis for some kind of litigation. However, she will probably pass it on to a colleague. I mention this here to note that I have initiated the legal process. With my first "review" coming up this Friday, I'm not certain how long I will be employed.

I also talked with Alvin, a student, and he indicated to me that the gossiping at the Asylum is totally out of control. Students are constantly bringing up these matters in all of the classes, and I cannot see how I am the only faculty to discuss these issues. A few weeks ago, Shirley had told me that I came up as a subject in Judy's class. "At least I work within the system, Tralfaz works against the system," she said. I wasn't aware that I worked against the system. Why was this being discussed in Judy's class? Where was Roach? Hiding his head in his ass, of course.

Wednesday May 8

The nightmare at the Asylum continues, with the story becoming much more surreal with each passing day. Susan, one of my students, had lunch with Barbie yesterday. Barbie disclosed that there is a student government officer in my class who seems to be the information conduit. Heather is that officer. However, I do not believe that she has done this intentionally. Heather constantly gripes about all her classes. She talks a lot, and she apparently told the staff in the Student Services office a few disjointed tales about my class. Now, it turns out that the completely female Student Services staff has lunch with Roach almost daily. They have been reporting second-hand information to Roach. As I mentioned way back during the incident with Toad, I noticed that Roach was very partial to babes and is easily duped by them. So, Roach has been keeping a record of this information, which now explains why his write-up refers to my "continued unprofessional behavior and insubordinate conduct" (italics mine). Barbie also said that there was some kind of investigation going on and that other faculty have been recruited to help in the cause. "If you see someone walking by the class who is normally not down there, then they have been asked to watch and listen," Susan quoted Barbie as saying. Barbie also knew about the formal written documents and that I was on "probation," which seems to imply that most of the office staff and all of roach's minions know as well. Roach and Bug appear to have broken their own rules about integrity and professional conduct. They have leaked confidential personnel information. With that said, I observed Roach and Bug walking past my classes several times this morning as well as a few other staff members and some faculty.

I have also observed that very few faculty members talk much to me anymore. It's almost too obvious that I have been ostracized and now I am being shunned. Any kind of close association with me could mean demise for any of them. I skipped the faculty meeting today, even though I know that will be used against me. I needed the time for other important matters like trying to find myself an attorney. I figure that nothing will change the verdict of the kangaroo court. I expect to be terminated on Friday, effective on the last day of classes. Aside from that, I often wonder if Roach is aware of what some of his prized faculty like Wayne say about the Asylum's students. "These students are dumb," he told me three weeks ago. Chip has called them "plain stupid."

Susan said that Barbie has no idea concerning the reason why I have been targeted. I asked Susan why she was helping me. "You are one of the better instructors here. If you go, this place will go completely to [dung]," she said. Almost all of the employers in Hawai'i include the "at will" clause as a condition of employment, which means an employee can be terminated at any time for no reason. I am sure that the business college also includes that clause. So, why is that [rectum] Roach putting me through this humiliating experience? My only guess is that, aside from megalomania, he is using this incident to do some "showboating" to the accreditation team. The latter will be visiting this Summer. Either that, or he knows that I'm on to him.

Unfortunately, there isn't much to include in the journal except this pathetic crap perpetrated by the little dickhead. As always, the journal is "real life like you've never seen it before." Sheesh!

Thursday May 9

Another day and still no attorney. I have not heard from Pseudo-professor Amber, so I will have to find an attorney on my own. Bug and Roach are continuing the walk-by surveillance. Out of curiosity, I said to Barbie, "I understand that you're good friends with Susan, one of my students." Barbie acted as if she didn't know who I was talking about. Then, she said that Susan was a friend of one of her friends. As for having lunch with Susan, Barbie said that she "just dropped by while they were eating lunch." It is clearly impossible to know who to trust at the Asylum. The level of treachery and deceit is unfathomable. I ran into Phillip, the technology curriculum coordinator, as I was walking to the Asylum this morning. I asked him for copies of the syllabi for the new classes. He paused for a few seconds and began muttering something about the new term, which made it seem as though he was surprised that I was asking for them. It was as if he knew that I would not be facilitating those courses.

One of my students, Toby, showed us the Watch Your Back, Hunter site during his Web publishing presentation. It is a game designed in Flash. Laura, who lends me the DVDs, is now hooked on it. It's a stupid game, reminiscent of the Asylum. The rest of the day was uneventful, which is great. I just wish that I could retire right now.

Friday May 10

Although I was "up for review" today, there was no meeting. I will, however, be meeting with Bug next Tuesday. I contacted Pseudo-professor Robert by e-mail. He came by the faculty computer room at the Diploma Mill late in the afternoon. From what he told me, I really don't have a case. He recited the the only possible cause for litigation under "at will" employment. I knew almost all of what he said verbatim because I had done some research on the Net yesterday. He did recommend a few attorneys anyway.

I talked with Laura, the student who always lends me DVDs. We acted as if we had to go to the Asylum's library for some reason, and used the stairwell as a "cone of silence." Laura revealed to me that she is the daughter of a former US Congresswoman. I am probably the only person who knows that fact. Not even Roach knows that he brushed off someone whose mom also ran for Governor. Next week, I am going to urge Laura to accompany her mom to the Asylum to discuss a few issues with the so-called President of the Asylum, who is very status-oriented. After that, I am certain that Roach would be at the receiving end of the same kind of treatment he dishes out.

Since my case has dwindled down to nothing more than an idiotic rant, I will only discuss relevant events as they occur and move the rest of the material outside of the public journal. Roach was once again making the rounds. This is too obvious because he could use the phone to call inter-office. Or, he could send endless e-mail like his "micromanaging" sidekick Bug. I made another recollection from the tortuous meeting of Wednesday last week. Roach had mentioned that the student who testified had actually said something in "another office" and was subsequently referred to Roach. He said that she was "a single mom who is just trying to get her education." That's another one of Roach's rote phrases. This coincides with what Susan had told me. In fact, I asked Susan about the curious encounter that I had with Barbie. "She doesn't want anything to get back to her. She doesn't want to lose her job," she said. I believe her, although it will now be hard to prove anything. The fear that is promoted from the top down keeps everyone in line.

I had lunch with Shirley at Taco Bell. I didn't tell Shirley, but I noticed that quite a few guys were checking her out. We didn't have much time since Shirley had to be back in Kailua to give Ramona a ride. Vanessa called and left a message. I will call her later this evening. I'm just glad to be out of the salt mines.

Saturday May 11

I talked with Vanessa for about three hours last night. She appears to be completely distraught because she only has two weeks before she officially graduates from the Asylum, for whatever that's worth. She does not have a job lined up, but she has racked up about $12,000 in student loans. She's also receiving anonymous threats on her answering machine. She believes that the perpetrator is the BoyToy of one of her friends.

It's too bad that I wasted my time writing up this crap in the journal. Not only that, but the nonsense detracted from my adoration of Tera Patrick. What a hottie! I suppose there isn't much I can do about the situation. I can't blame the sinister kahuna for thwarting me this time. I believe that my conscience is bothering me, and that's what is bubbling to the surface. The Asylum is a joke and it is ripping off its students. In the end, we are all getting ripped off because many of these people will default on their loans and never acquire any kind of gainful employment to pay them off. Taxpayers will absorb the losses. Roach will have to live with himself because he knows that he works for an organization operating on the fringe of legality. A contract with a small firm for employee training classes fell through. The WorkLinks Hawai'i fund (which a few Asylum students depend on) for displaced workers is almost bankrupt. Many students are leaving out of disgust. Fortunately, the Asylum and its competitors recruit from the "baby factory" areas like Kalihi, Waipahu, and Waiana'e. As long as a person has a heartbeat, he or she can qualify for a student loan. I can't work for a shady, albeit marginally legal, organization like this for much longer. The guilt is what is probably doing me in. As for Roach, his guilt can be bought off by a fat paycheck and annual bonuses. Just think, that's all being funded by Federal-subsized student loans. Only an asswipe can live with that fact.

All I could think about today was giving Roach a fist facial. I hope that he riles up one of those big Samoan students one day, and gets the pulp beat out of him. I swear that I won't be able to contain my laughter if I saw him in a body cast. I'm giggling my ass off right now. I walked to the gym. The meathead room was crowded, so I only did a cardio workout. Sheesh! Pseudo-professor Robert has aged significantly in the last year. He has gained a lot of weight and he graying rapidly. I surmise that it is due to stress. He showed me his new $300 briefcase. He also had a few babe pictures and movies on his iPaq handheld. He is still working for the Legal Aid Society. "I think I need to get a real career," he told me. Didn't he say that a year ago? Well, I will watch Wild Things again tonight. I seem to relate well to the story.

To be continued ... Go to M.09

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