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LoserNet At-A-Glance ...

Here are some of the highlights (term used loosely) of the LoserNet Supersite. Included are the many media references to the associated pages.
The Life and Times of a 41-Year-Old Virgin
 Virgin was listed in Useless Home Pages, and was Terra IncogNETa's Dynamite Site of the Nite for January 5, 1996. An interview with the ol' eunuch appeared in the March 1996 issue of Internet Underground. Virgin was also featured in the March 19, 1996 issue of Suck, mentioned in the April 1996 issue of Websight, listed in Que's Entertainment on the Net, and was featured in the January 13, 1997 issue of Salon e-zine. A man caught between his life goal to become a monk and the world of debauchery around him ... which will prevail?

Old Man Noises & Other Strange Tales
The strange tale of The Keeper of Lost Lives continues. Yet, it's time to wipe the slate clean. The journey to nowhere went exactly nowhere. Now, The Keeper is a little older and a little wiser. Closure leads to a new beginning, or so he hopes.

The Loser Living Upstairs
 Loser was featured in the Useless Home Pages Hall of Fame and was listed in Mirsky's Worst of the Web. An article featuring Loser appeared in the June 14, 1995 issue of the Convalescent City news weekly New Times. Loser was also briefly mentioned in the August 10, 1995 issue of Rolling Stone, and the October 16, 1995 issue of New Yorker briefly excerpted Loser. The Baltimore CityPaper featured Loser in both its circulated weekly and on-line editions for the week of October 30, 1995. Loser was also listed in the premiere (January 1996) issue of Websight, named Useless Page of the Year for 1995 by Useless Home Pages (Many thanks to Steve Berlin), featured as the Classic Weird Web Site of the Month in the March 1996 issue of Internet Underground, mentioned in the April 1996 issue of Websight, listed in the 1996-1997 Microsoft Bookshelf Internet Directory, featured in the January 13, 1997 issue of Salon e-zine, listed in the March 1997 issue of .net, and mentioned in a sidebar article in the June/July 1997 issue of P.O.V. Follow the antics of America's favorite loser, as he keeps on going and going ...

Dr. Psycho's Multiscale PsychoInventory
The Multiscale PsychoInventory is the state-of-the-art when it comes to psychopathological measurement instruments. Dr. Psycho is always at the forefront of pseudo-psychological research, and now he has made prognosis user-friendly!

BaffleGab Thesaurus
The LoserNet Systematic Buzz Phrase Projector is yet another useless LoserNet feature. Have you been lost for words? This can be extremely embarrassing in technical circles. Not to worry, the answer is here!

Monastery H.E.A.T.
 The possibly never-to-be finished novelette appears as-is. Good monks, bad monks, babes and the evil Uncle Ho. Makes for some great reading especially after a Club Cobra session. Ho boy!

LoserNet KnowledgeBase
The LoserNet KnowledgeBase covers a variety of timely subjects of interest to all losers. Written from a loser's perspective, the KnowledgeBase is devoid of the hype associated with the mainstream. When everyone is telling you to "get a life," LoserNet offers real life coping solutions.

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