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The unexciting adventures of the 41-year-old virgin continues. The plot thickens as he loses his job, is hounded by creditors and is tempted by the world of debauchery around him.

The 41-Year-Old Virgin At Large

Friday September 8, 1995

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Welcome Back Loser Houseparty!

It's Thursday September 21!

He's back! Loser, my main man, is back! Where has he been? He's five days late. Well, hey! Loser is a man of leisure! I'm not sure where he's living in the Roach Motel, but at least we know he's back. By the way, I'm your host for the ...

Welcome Back Loser Houseparty!

We're live from the Roach Motel! It's about 10 o' clock Thursday morning, and I have my K-Mart all-in-one up full blast. Junior MAFIA. is in da house! Notorious BIG is in da house! Loser is in da house! The 41-Year-Old Virgin is in da house! So far, no one has come by to help celebrate Loser's return. I hear Fido next door, but I think The Idiots are gone. Let's go outside and see if Mr. Idiot's new ride is out there. Yep! There it is! He must be in his shoebox ... who's that out there? It's the gardener. The gardener is in da house!
    "Excuse me! Excuse me! Hi! Did you know that Loser is back and we are celebrating his return?"


    "Aren't you excited about Loser's return?"


Well, okay, let's move on. There is absolutely no one here to celebrate Loser's triumphant return to his new "palace." Speaking of his "palace," we still do not know where it is located. We'll be on the lookout for the empty box collection under the ugly blue tarp. Let's take a break and continue with more tunes from Junior MAFIA! Go no further, you are here ...

Welcome Back Loser Houseparty!

Okay we're back. And, it's now about eleven. It's going to be an all day celebration out here. Wait! Here comes someone now. 
    "Hello! Hello! Welcome! Are you here to welcome Loser back?"

    "No. I'm here to tell you to shut this down right now!"

    "What are you talking about? What? Are you management?"

    "Yes. And, you know that this is a 24-hour quiet building."

    "Well, you could have fooled me. Have you told that to all of these idiots in this dump? I didn't think so. Get outta here you stupid krunk! Beat it!"

Can you believe these idiots around here? Twenty-four-hour quiet building, my derriere. Ptui!! Where were we? Maybe we'll see Loser walking around. Nah! If he's got walking to do, he'll do it all in the "palace." By the way, you're here at the ...

Welcome Back Loser Houseparty!

Now I know that a lot of Loser's dear fans are going to be real disappointed that his "palace" is no longer above my shoebox. As a matter of fact, we don't really know where the "palace" is. I'll tell you one thing, we'll be talking with Loser's new downstairs neighbor in the near future. I can hardly wait to hear the stories. Let's take a break now with some Chef Raekwon and maybe a little King Tee and ...
    "Turn that crap down!

    "Are you here for Loser's return?"

    "You're the only loser! You dumb mother ... uuuummmph!"

    "Hey, thanks for stopping by!"

I'm sorry I had to cut him short, but he just wasn't getting into the spirit of things. Hey! We'll be back with more ...

Welcome Back Loser Houseparty!

It's about 12:30 now, and I'm having a little lunch while we continue this glorious marathon celebration of the return of Loser! For those of you out there who are wondering, I'm having, you guessed it, a 69 cent can of Bush's baked beans. You know, that really makes me wonder. Why aren't there any babes around here? After all, Loser is an international celebrity now. Babes should be running amuck here at the Roach Motel just to get a look at Loser. Whassup wi' dat? Wait, here comes a babe now. 
    "Hello! Hello! Are you here to celebrate Loser's return?"

    "Beat it, creep! ... Oh, you live over there, don't you?"

    "Ah, yes."

    "For a minute I thought you were stalking me."

    "Yeah, right, okay. Nice talking to you."

Some of these babes make me wonder. Next they'll be asking me to set them up with The Bull. Speaking of The Bull, I did not make it to the gym until almost 8pm yesterday, and, gosh darnit, I didn't get to see The Bull. That really is too bad, isn't it? There goes Bigfoottm! Too late. I could have asked him if he knew that he lives in Loser's old "palace." In a way, he's like Loser. He stomps around a lot and that thing with the volume on the tube. Up. Down. Up. Down. What is he, a psycho? PsychoAggie? Never a dull moment here at the Roach Motel. Looks like it's time for another break. We'll be back with more of ...

Welcome Back Loser Houseparty!

You know, I should have waited until Saturday to celebrate Loser's return. Where is everybody? Am I the only one who is unemployed? We're probably going to shut down the party early. I thought it could continue on through the evening and then we could take it on the road to Farmer's Market. We tried, though, didn't we? It's about 3pm, and Loser is probably up in the new "palace" wearing a circular trail in the carpet. Well, thanks for joining us today. It's too bad y'all couldn't have made it here in person for the houseparty. (applause)

Welcome Back Loser Houseparty! has been brought to you by LoserNet. Love it or lose it. We return to regular programming.

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