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 Millennium ... Journal of Life

Saturday May 20, 2000

Mark and I had an interesting day. First, we took a quick tour of Hawai'i Kai. We ate lunch at Zippy's in Koko Marina. I had a delicious bowl of Saimin. All that was missing was the Kim Chee. Then, we saw Frequency at the Koko Marina Theaters. I thought that it was a great movie. Certainly a new twist on the space-time continuum plot. Later, we ended up back at Mark's place. We ate dinner, took a dip in the pool, and consumed a bottle of the "Hammer" while recapping our week. As usual, time really flew by. I didn't return home until after 11pm.

I had many more thoughts for today but the "Hammer" truncated those thoughts. Isn't that the purpose of the "Hammer"? Well, it's time to call it a day, my friends. Just remember that Psycho Monday is right around the corner. Sheesh!

Sunday May 21

It's another end of an era as LoserNet closes down one of its mirror sites as part of a drastic cost-cutting plan. Is LoserNet slated for extinction? Who can say? I spent most of the day sitting in the detestable resin chair. I had hoped that some inspiration for this journal would occur during that time. Zilch. As I continue to spiral downward into financial oblivion, I must consider jettisoning my beloved cell phone service as well. The fun part about pinching pennies is that something will come up along the way and absorb any of the marginal savings. That's the way it always is unless one has a lot of dough.

So, I'm looking for another free ISP. I signed up with WorldSpy. Again, it uses IE for the dial-up connection. Will it be as pathetic as FreeI? I hope not. Now, I need to find a free POP mail account. That's still the beauty of the Net. It's the great equalizer!

Monday May 22

I am almost too fatigued to write about what occurred today. Malia was called into the female staff member's office this morning. Apparently, psycho has been in "counseling" sessions with her almost every day, an insider informed me. Each session averaged about three hours. Psycho must have been convincing because Malia was grilled about the harassing and abusive behavior that she allegedly exhibited toward psycho. Mind you, Malia had informed the administration about psycho's behavior over a week ago. Psycho was describing her own behavior! The meeting went nowhere. The Dean intervened and only further obfuscated matters. One thing was clear ... the administration was now siding with psycho. Malia was also warned to not "fraternize" with the ol' lavahead. To continue to do so would mean that my employment would be in "serious jeopardy." In other words, the Dean and the female staff member are convinced that psycho is telling the truth and that the heart of the whole matter has to do with the alleged illicit relationship I have with Malia. Never mind that there is not even one element of truth to these allegations.

So, what went wrong? I surmise that it has to do with stupidity. Pride keeps the players from admitting that they have no experience in this area. The female staff member is proud to proclaim that she has a Bachelors degree in psychology. Big deal. It's a useless degree and does not qualify her to practice psychology. She's over her head and she knows it. Psycho has run circles around these mental midgets. Now, their stupidity is going to get someone hurt. The bottom line is that neither Malia or I have any protection. Psycho has won, not that the toad-like creature is really that brilliant. Had the Dean and the female staff member realized that they borne the responsibility to refer psycho to a qualified therapist, then this would all be moot. However, the female staff member decided to do it alone. She has established a client-therapist relationship with psycho and has no idea what to do. At this point in time, there is no way any therapist could intervene. As psycho realized that the two fools were easily deceived, she continued to grace them with her toad-like appearance.

It is not usually my place to poke fun at anyone's looks. I have always been extremely sensitive to that. However, psycho does look like a toad. And, psycho is either evil or has lost her mind. Malia has been involved in this situation, not by her own doing, but because Toad (formerly "Psycho") believed that I was having an affair. As you may recall, Toad is convinced that I am in a relationship with it. Even my inside contact mentioned, "I can't even imagine you with Toad. Yuck!" Now, Malia did mention that the female staff member advised her to get a restraining order. I believe that Toad told that idiot quite a few disturbing things. She knows damned well that Toad has gone berserk. Toad needs help and probably some Thorazine.

I am now very concerned about Malia's safety as well as my own. The hearing for the injunction is Thursday morning. I told the Dean that I have to be there. He was indifferent. This further clued me in on the administration's new stance. If anyone gets hurt, I sure hope that they can live themselves and their stupidity. The trial for the Xerox mass murder case is proceeding with much media coverage. Can they not see the parallels?

Tuesday May 23

I neglected to mention that WorldSpy seems like the best of the free ISPs. I also found a free POP3 e-mail account. So, we're back in business. Now, how can I get free cell phone service? I saw the handmaiden walking across the street as I sat outside of Starbuck's yesterday. When it rains, it pours.

Malia had another exasperating experience with the administration this morning, further proving that those fools have firmly aligned themselves with Toad. Although I have a lot to do, I spent the afternoon in the faculty computer room researching anything public on the Net about Toad. I made some headway in discovering that Toad was living with its parents and it no longer uses its maiden name. Malia called me during my research. She helped me navigate through the Hawai'i Judiciary site. We found the divorce records for Toad, filed back in 1991 although there was a paper trail up until 1992. Most of latter documents had to do with child support. That substantiated the fact that Toad has a son. He is singer, from what I've heard. I must now return to the Courthouse to look up the actual documents. My hunch is that Toad has never had closure with its marriage. Toad is reliving the past vicariously through Malia and myself. I suspect that Toad's former husband was unfaithful. Little wonder. Toad has been in counseling before, according to the dumb female staff member. The counseling was cut short because of finances. Oddly, Malia went to the same high school as Toad. She may be able to locate the yearbooks from Toad's time. I have a hunch that Toad married right out of high school. What really torques my jaw is that I am certain the female staff member knows most of this information. However, she is just too stupid to recognize the red flags. An undisclosed source also researched whether Toad had any criminal records. Nothing turned up. It is up to Malia and I to ferret out the truth. We may, in fact, end up helping Toad regain its sanity.

In the eleventh hour before the hearing, I am at a loss. The whole situation has been a strain on my friendship with Malia. I don't expect to be kept on the roster of the business college too much longer. I suspect that the administration is looking for a reason to terminate me. Sooner or later, the Dean and his stooges will gather enough information about my "fraternization" with Malia. All of that because of the warped reality of Toad. I'm not going to skulk around. I have an obligation as a friend to help insure her safety, a responsibility that the administration has shirked. I am also curious about another interesting court record we stumbled upon ... State of Hawai'i versus Roach (aka the Dean). What skeletons are in his closet?

Wednesday May 24

Malia had another interesting encounter with Roach (aka the Dean). She provided this transcript:

"You need to meet with Toad and I this Friday," ordered Roach.

"That's impossible because I am not coming in on Friday," Malia told him. "I would do that tomorrow during Joanne's class, but if it's not tomorrow then it'll never be because, as of next week, I'm not wasting anymore of my time or energy on this [copulating] stupid situation that I shouldn't be in anyway."  Roach's eyes almost bulged out like Toad's.

"If you tell your side of the story and Toad tells her side, we can come to some kind of resolution," he added.

"Resolution to what?" asked Malia in disbelief.

"All Toad wants to do is to get her education."

"Then, why the hell did she start all of this in the first place?"

"All of you got just a little too emotional, even T..." he said, catching himself before mentioning the ol' lavahead.

"Even who, Roach?" quizzed Malia.

Roach said nothing for a moment. "You are assuming that Toad is talking about you in the letters."

"You mean to say you don't believe deep in your heart that she's talking about me?"

"I don't have the luxury of looking into my heart," said Roach, coldly.

"Well, I don't have the luxury to step out of bull[dung] that she pulled me in to."

"Why can't you meet with her next week? Toad has commitments tomorrow," pleaded Roach.

"First, I'm not here to go out of my way for the convenience of Toad. You seem to be doing a great job of that all by yourself. Second, I'm not going to put another thought into this past Friday and, since in my life right now my kids come first, I'm not going to miss my daughter's play for Toad. Third, I may not be back as of next week."

You go, girl! This is what Malia has put up with now for over a week. And, what about Toad? Poor Toad. Roach feels sorry for Toad. Sheesh!

I went on a wild goose chase to find out more about the alleged case against Roach. First, I inquired at the District Courthouse, only to find out that the case was handled in Circuit Court. Since this was a very recent case, the clerk had to retrieve the documents from the judge. I was almost too excited because I thought I had Roach in the palm of my hands. Later, upon further research, I discovered that there was another clown with the same name as Roach. My earlier search did not reveal that. Needless to say, I was a bit chagrined.

As I walked out of the gym, I immediately saw Toad and its friend walking along the sidewalk. I almost didn't recognize Toad because its hair looked as if it were cut with hedge clippers. Toad's eyes were bulging out. Spooky!

Thursday May 25

This was the day of the hearing. As I entered the courtroom, I could see Toad sitting in the first row of benches. I sat in the back row. There were about 20 other people in the room not including the court staff. As each group of respondents and petitioners went before the judge, I could see Toad shuffling through its papers. Toad had spent considerable time typing up documentation. Toad had placed each sheet in a plastic protector. When it was our turn to stand before the judge, Toad was asked the same question as the other respondents, "Will you ever need to have contact with the petitioner again?" Of course, Toad was the only one to come up with a "Yes, but ..." which meant that it requested a separate hearing.

After all of the other people were dismissed, we had our hearing. The judge made all of the rules clear, particularly the one about the reason for the hearing ... whether an injunction should be approved. I clarified what I had written in my petition and provided more current information about what was going on and why it was imperative for me to obtain the injunction. Toad spent 15 minutes detailing contradictory and fabricated information interspersed with bursts of crying. Most of the testimony was confusing as Toad had difficulty articulating its thoughts. From what I could hear, Toad had put together a collection of innocuous events and tried to weave a tale of deception and seduction. However, I doubt that the judge was impressed. Talking to Toad while walking to the bus stop or in class is a far cry from putting the make on the slimy creature. Toad also testified under oath that I had told two faculty members that it was "my girlfriend." Then, Toad described how repulsed it was by my behavior and how Toad could have easily launched a sexual harassment suit against me. Out of fear, Toad didn't. Does this sound like the same situation with the other faculty member whom Toad came to me about? Almost verbatim, complete with sobbing and shaking. Toad also mentioned that it had a battery of "witnesses." One "witness" was that psycho Joanne. Strange how the same stupid players keep coming back into the picture.

The judge finally put an end to that charade. He asked Toad point-blank, "Do you know what the purpose of this hearing is?" More sobbing and incoherent babbling from Toad. The judge explained that he had told us from the beginning that the hearing's purpose was to determine whether the injunction was necessary and not to determine who is at fault. I'm sure it was easy to see that nothing Toad said made any sense. If I was so detestable and was guilty of sexual harassment, why did it come to me for help with the sexual harassment issue that started all of this? [Have you read Toad's psycho letters?]

The judge then asked Toad, "Do you find any reason why you must have contact with the petitioner?"

"Yes, I have to take some classes from him."

"You have to? Aren't there any other instructors who teach the same class?"

"Yes, but he is a better instructor," replied Toad.

"Why, Ms. Toad, would you take a class from the petitioner when you know that he doesn't want you to have any contact with him?" There was a real look of impatience in the judge's eyes.

Toad was flustered. The judge rendered a decision. As he read the terms of the decision, Toad realized that the judge was affording me the maximum remedy.

"Wait, what about my school?" yelled Toad.

The judge was really upset now. Toad had just interrupted him. "You had an opportunity to address the court about any issue concerning this injunction prior to my decision." He chastised Toad because he was explicit in his opening statements about how we were to conduct ourselves. "You will have a chance to ask questions after I render my decision."

So, by deciding to represent itself, Toad became its own worst enemy. Toad had now made the situation worse because I had made it clear in my statement (prior to this circus) that I was prepared to ask for relaxed restrictions insofar as the campus was concerned. After the judge completed his decision, he asked Toad if there were any questions.

"I can't be near his working place? He works at my school! What am I going to do about school? I'm going to have to drop out?" shouted Toad.

"That's up to you," the judge responded coldly.

"What if I see him walking down the hall?"

"Just turn and go the other way."

The hearing was over. So, why am I not relieved? I don't think the ordeal is over. I think it's just beginning. Toad now believes that I have ruined its life. No school. No job. Toad apparently didn't hear the judge. Yep, that's how stupid Toad is. I have also encouraged Malia to follow in my footsteps. She must also get an injunction against Toad. We need to push Toad to the edge now, otherwise we will live in fear. Toad is a walking time bomb. We can have a small explosion now or a big one later. My rationale is sound. If I can force Toad's arrest, then the court can mandate counseling as an option to incarceration. That's what Toad needs but the damned administration at the business college is too stupid to realize that.

Malia had told me that Roach had waved a smoking gun at her in the form of a "witness" whom Toad had produced. I confronted the "witness" today and discovered that he knew nothing about his participation in this debacle. The administration had never even bothered to check Toad's sources. Why I even bothered to tell Roach what transpired at the hearing is beyond me. I mentioned that Toad may be thinking about launching a sexual harassment lawsuit. "Well, you know we'll try to be fair and look at both sides of the issue," he said. I couldn't believe that I was talking to an educated guy. If Toad initiates a lawsuit, then the business college would also be a defendant. He honestly believed that the administration would be the arbitrators in such a case. What a maroon! In actuality, why should I even have loyalty to those fools when they have treated Malia like a criminal. They have taken the word of a psycho instead. Malia has been interrogated and accused of perpetrating deviant behavior toward Toad. Can you believe it? It's too bad that Roach didn't come to the hearing to witness Toad's delusions for himself. Perhaps he would have realized that she needs immediate psychological attention Alas, maybe he is about as psycho as Toad.

Friday May 26

I again located Alan, one of Toad's alleged "witnesses." He agreed to sign a statement which would indicate that he has never consented to be Toad's witness. As I spoke with Alan, Toad walked past us defiantly. Later, when I ran into Alan again, he said that Toad had asked him what he and I had been discussing. He feigned ignorance and just said that we were discussing his trip to Thailand. "Then, you don't know anything about what's been going on?" asked Toad. Strange question to ask someone who is supposedly a "witness" to "what's been going on," isn't it? Toad must have been confident that the idiots in the administration would not verify its lame story. However, Toad is now afraid that I won't be quite as ignorant.

While engaged in a discussion with the few student and staff allies that I have, Frances came forward to say that Joanne has been telling people that Malia and I are "going steady." Don't people stop "going steady" after junior high school? Nonetheless, the pieces are gradually falling into place. If I am correct, psycho Joanne was the impetus for the investigation that put Malia through the wringer. Once again, the administration didn't even bother to check out its sources. Roach may not have the "luxury to look into [his] heart" (a conversation with Malia that he verified yesterday), but he should at least be able to use the meat between his ears!

There are other curious facts. Toad stated in court that I had allegedly told two faculty members that it was "my girlfriend." The only two faculty members at the business college I ever talked with about anything were Joanne and Mike. Toad did indeed name Joanne in its testimony. Toad detailed that, on a particular day, I had allegedly told Joanne about my desire for Toad (yuck!) and pointed out who Toad was. Toad's class was adjacent to Joanne's. In fact, that was the class facilitated by the guy whom Toad alleged had made sexual advances. Do you find all of this peculiar?

One of my classes had a pot-luck lunch today in celebration of the last day of classes. That was the highlight of my day. Later, I retrieved the case number of Toad's divorce proceedings. I will be going back to the Courthouse to find out what exactly happened in 1991. I'm sure that some of the answers are locked away in those documents. I have a week's reprieve from all of this nonsense. I will continue my investigation during that time.

Saturday May 27

Mark and I grabbed a quick plate lunch at Loco Moco and then went to Sandy Beach. We ate our lunch and sat out in the sun for a while. Then, we went on a tour of the Kalama Valley area. The highlight of the day was the tour of our old high school. Neither Mark or I had been on the campus for over 25 years. In a way, it was strange. The campus looked exactly as it did when we were young punks there. The campus is nothing to write home about, if you know what I mean. For the most part, it still looks like a prison.

After that, it was "Hammer" time. Mark and I spent the rest of the day and part of the evening at his place. We sat out on the balcony and tried to solve the world's problems. Not much was accomplished. The world's problems are still here but today certainly was much more enjoyable than any day at the business college.

Sunday May 28

Yesterday, Mark and I had also looked through his copy of the high school yearbook. I hadn't seen a copy of the yearbook in along time since I threw mine away. Mark filled me in about the people that he knew about. For the most part, the whereabouts of our classmates are a mystery. We decided that we will try to attend the 30th reunion of our class. That is coming up soon.

I sat in the detestable resin chair for most of the day. Well, hey! It's an ol' lavahead ritual! Tomorrow is a holiday and so I will do the same thing. Sitting in the detestable resin chair is now one of the saner activities I engage in. I am in proximity to so many psychos that I oftentimes doubt my own sanity. Sheesh! The only topic I thought about today was the pros and cons of breaking out my Bose Acoustic Wave. I haven't listened to it in hella long time. And, Hearts of Space is on later this evening. Perhaps this is a good idea. I may not be able to physically escape to a peaceful place, but I may be able to accomplish the feat vicariously through my beloved Acoustic Wave.

Monday May 29

Can I get some sleep around here? The lolo next door has gotten me up at 6:15am for the past two days. He's been grinding something in his makeshift shop in the carport. This morning, an unexpected storm woke me up. I suppose that, if the weather had been better, lolo would have disturbed me. After the rain stopped, I spent the rest of the day sitting in the detestable resin chair. It was extremely hot in the afternoon, which helped me maintain a comatose state.

The Bull has apparently been lurking in the background all along. He finally came out of hiding and sent the ol' lavahead a cryptic e-mail. He also posted a message to Speak! by LoserNet. I thought I had lost touch with The Bull and the rest of the gang in Convalescent City. Of course, The Bull has become somewhat mysterious, not letting on to his whereabouts or anything else about his life. What could he be up to?

Tuesday May 30

I really didn't want to go downtown today. I actually have the week off. However, I was not able to finish all of my work last week because of Toad. That pretty much put me in a bad way. Almost every little nuance (and there are many nuances downtown, let me tell you) got on my nerves. I just wanted to be sitting in the detestable resin chair at home.

I have not slept well in a while. Crazy dreams have been keeping my mind active when I should be sound asleep. It's taking a toll on the oversized cranium. Of course, lolo waking me up didn't help. I could also be "in a funk," as Steph would say. Whatever happened to her anyway? She's another of the lost souls of Convalescent City. I don't know what's coming over me. Even the Bose Acoustic Wave provided little joy. I suppose it all has to do with my precarious financial situation. Add to that, my tooth that is still giving me trouble and a nefarious dentist who suspiciously recommends a root canal at the sign of any tooth trouble. It's the sinister kahuna at work, my friends. Do you feel its evil presence?

Wednesday May 31

Sometimes I really have to laugh at the stupidity I am privy to. An insider at the business college revealed to me today that the Dean is the subject of a nasty rumor. Poetic justice? Who is to say? The fun part is that the rumor involves Roach (aka the Dean) and the female staff member. Yep, that's the same female staff member who was "counseling" Toad! They have been seen together far too many times. In fact, Malia and I have seen them going to lunch together. Harmless? Looks like "fraternization" to me. Say, isn't that what Malia and I were chastised about? I can only wonder whether Roach will plagiarize Rudy Giuliani's famous quote, "[She] and I are just very good friends" (said about his questionable female "companion"). And, yes, both Roach and the female staff member are married, but not to each other. I sure hope that Roach doesn't get caught with his pants down. I won't have much sympathy. He should take his own "fraternization" policy a little more seriously, eh? Baha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Haaaa!

I learned that one of my classes at the university has been canceled for the Summer term. So, I will be in further financial dire straits. Malia registered at the university today. She will be taking classes there commencing this Fall. I'm rather proud of her, to say the least.

Thursday June 1

Today marked my first uneventful day in a long time. Uneventful in a good way, that is. I finally took the time to work on Malia's computer. It was a mess because of all of the crap that was pre-installed. Thank goodness for CleanSweep! In exchange, Malia took me to lunch at Soon's. Pretty good Korean-style barbeque. Call this "fraternization" if you want. I'll just call it a good time.

I have yet to sleep well at night. Nightmares abound. Most of these nightmares have been blood curdling and extremely realistic. I believe that they are compounding the stress I'm already going through. I wonder if someone put a curse on the ol' lavahead. Toad Voodoo perhaps. I have got to find a way to exorcise these demons. There's probably some kind of voodoo cult at the business college and Roach is the Witch Doctor. Everyone is probably drinking blood out of coconut shells and offering up roaches for sacrifices. It's time that I go in there and impale those vampires. Lord have mercy!

Friday June 2

Malia and I spent the morning on the beach at Kawela Bay. That is where she grew up. Most of the houses are gone. The land is overgrown with tropical shrubbery and remains vacant. Actually, it is a glimpse into a period of Hawai'i that is now in the distant past. I found it amazing that a bay of such natural beauty has remained untouched for so long. I suppose that I can learn a lot more about the local lifestyle that is admittedly alien to me. Before heading back to the city, we stopped briefly in Hale'iwa and the world famous Matsumoto General Store for ... you guessed it ... world famous Matsumoto Shave Ice! Yowza!

Later, I went over to Mark's place for "Hammer" time. We call it Pau Hana time here. I forgot to mention that Mark saw the handmaiden yesterday. He almost ended up on the same express bus that she and and her friend Anne were taking. Too close for comfort! Anyway, Mark and I sat out on his lanai and talked about the usual topics. I'm surprised that he doesn't get bored by the ol' lavahead's company. He has read a few tidbits from this journal, but he is curious about the pathetic [UJ] archive. Should I let him read it? Can I be responsible for the psychological trauma that may result? I don't know.

Saturday June 3

While sitting in the detestable resin chair, I received a disturbing phone call from Malia. First, a little background. Last week, Malia and a few of her classmates went out on the town to a kakaoke joint. Apparently, one of Malia's classmates, José, was getting a little frisky with her. Mind you, another one of Malia's classmates, Delores, was interested in José and was getting freaky (or "phreaky" for all of my true homeys) with him. Malia didn't want anything to do with him. Later, the group ended up at Malia's place. José was hammered on Vodka and became a little more brazen in his attempts to woo Malia. That's when Malia decided to put an end to the charade. Everyone had to leave. José became belligerent and refused to go. Delores finally persuaded him to leave and offered to give him a ride. José then refused to tell Delores where he lived. He demanded that she take him back to Malia's place. So, she dropped him off at the police station. Fade to black. This morning, Malia had to go downtown to pick up a few flower leis for a graduation party. She drove down Maunakea Street in the heart of Chinatown and found herself waiting at a stop light. José was apparently standing outside one of the sleazy shops in that district. He spotted Malia in her car and approached the vehicle. He tried to open the door but Malia had all the doors locked. Then, he tried to talk to her while pressing his face against her window like a psycho. Malia's kids were in the car and they were spooked. When the light turned green, Malia drove off. José attempted to run alongside the vehicle yelling, "I've been waiting for you! Let me in! I need to talk to you!" Looks like we will have more additions to the psycho files. Sheesh!

Malia was close to hysterical when she called. I did my best to calm her down. I told her to be careful and to call the cops if she sees him again. "We just can't escape that damned [business college]!" she said, no doubt exasperated by the incident. I can't say that either of us is excited about returning to that hellhole on Monday. Malia now has a stalker of her own to reckon with, as well as the possibility that Toad will also be acting up.

On a lighter note, I received a wedding invitation from Kevin (in LA). However, the wedding took place about a week ago. So, Kevin has finally realized his big dream. All of us at LoserNet wish him the best. Caroll also e-mailed. She may be visiting Hawai'i very soon, although I can't say that this is the best time to be here.

Sunday June 4

Another day of sitting in the detestable resin chair. Too many things to contemplate and too little time. If only I could retire! I've got to get away from the proliferation of mental illness around me. There are too many idiots around who give credence to the notion that the "missing link" actually exists. There is no escape from these varmints. Even when Malia and I were at Kawela Bay, we observed at least four other people along this allegedly unmarked beach. Where exactly am I going to find seclusion and peace of mind?

I spent my evening listening to NetRadio House and piddling around the Net. I also caught up with Anonder's Journal. He is apparently puzzled that he has given up "a serene life of pacing" for babes. I, too, am puzzled, but about why the issue even came up. Sometimes I wish that The Master kept an on-line journal. Think of the many scores of people who could have benefited by such a work! Even I have fallen short of the mark.

I am not looking forward to the new term starting up tomorrow. The life of a pseudo-professor no longer interests me. I am definitely not excited about returning to the business college. I keep telling myself that I have to pay my dues for only a few more years. What a lie! I'll be doing this crap for the rest of my life unless I get organized. There are only so many K-Mart greeter positions. The sooner I apply, the sooner I'll be out of this cesspool. Sheesh!

Monday June 5

A female student launched a complaint against me this morning at the business college. The used-up hag alleged that I have an "attitude problem" and that I was "abusive" to the students. She claimed to represent all of the students in the class. If I had to venture to guess, I'd say that she has been a repeat victim of relationship abuse only because she is one of myriad idiots who cannot stop repeating history. I'm not here to be a punching bag for these low-life scum. Of course, I was called into the office like a schoolboy gone bad. Never ending farce, isn't is?

The real problem is that I cannot determine when I can retire from this crap? Just how much dough will I need to retire. The pundits have placed that figure at $2 million (less equity). There is no way I'll make that kind of dough in my useful lifetime. Moms couldn't sympathize.

"What if the money is worthless then? she asked.

"What?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"The banks could go out of business."

"What if they don't? Do you want me to end up broke and homeless like all of those psychos downtown?"

The problem is that moms is waiting for Armageddon. I've discussed this matter before. How can the church be so sure that I need not worry? Even the Scriptures are careful to say that no one knows the exact time of the end except the Creator himself! Needless to say, I have bottle of the "Hammer" chillin' in the fridge as we speak. Sheesh! Malia discovered that José is in at least one of her classes, although he didn't show up today.

Tuesday June 6

Well, WorldSpy appears to no longer exist. That's all part of a pathetic life. Sheesh! When I entered the library at the business college at 1:10pm, I saw Toad sitting at one of the computers. It was acting like it was doing research. I pointed Toad out to Matt, the librarian. He said that Toad had come in around 1pm, coincidentally when my office hours were to commence. Suspicious? Absolutely! Toad has become defiant, thinking that it can hop around on everyone else's lilly pad. An arrogant Toad today could easily end up as tomorrow's squished Toad roadkill.

Moms will be gone until tomorrow evening. She went to my bro's place and will be spending the night there. Moms has to watch my nephew tomorrow. My sister-in-law called and left a message at 3pm telling moms to "come over anytime" because she got off work early. Why couldn't she pick moms up? So, moms took the bus to my bro's place. This kind of crap makes the face of stone ready to explode.

Well, at least I'm finally getting around to doing some work. I have been putting together a battery of exams, the majority of which will be on-line. Pseudo-professor Robert has signed up for the university's group health plan. He has discovered a lump near his pecs and is worried that it may be malignant. I have a full health plan and I'm not even using it. My tooth is still infected but I have no desire to see my nefarious dentist, Dr. Root Canal.

Wednesday June 7

An uneventful day at the Asylum (formerly the "business college"). Frankly, I don't even understand why it has teaching faculty. The Asylum would be better off hiring a group of Psych Techs. I am once again extremely fatigued. As usual, I am dealing with substandard crap like my cheap modem. I cannot seem to connect with any service like a normal human being. I must spend at least one hour waiting through continuous dial-up and disconnections. The problem is at my end. It's my crappy computer. Maybe I should just devote all of my time toward improving the Virtual Harem (see Lavahead Express).

Days like these leave me no choice but to search for the perfect on-line journal. Well, that usually take me about two minutes. I'm no literary genius, mind you. However, it appears to me that I have yet to discover anyone who isn't obsessed with romance or lust. Doesn't anyone else have a crappy modem? I also finally disabled the lousy counters which were somewhat depressing. I already knew that only three people read the journal. I just don't need to be reminded of that fact every day.

Thursday June 8

"Well, now you can go to lunch with anyone else you feel like," was the snide remark Malia made in passing to me. What was that all about? I later came to learn that she was referring to another female student whom I was talking with in class. Malia was also in the class. Further, she mentioned two familiar names which seem to pop up often in conversations ... Teresa and Cheryl, the usual suspects in the peanut gallery. Apparently, they had egged on Malia and made her believe that I was going to succumb to the wily ways of the "other woman." Malia was stewing in her juices until she decided to blurt out that snide comment. This is really the crux of the day-to-day crap at the Asylum. I was extremely disappointed in Malia's actions. She has said to me many times, "I really dislike jealous people." Well, what exactly is happening here? There was no point in beating around the bush. I told Malia that the incident has affected our friendship. I had hoped that she could break away from the small island mentality or, dare I say, the island mental illness for her own sake. That was too much to ask. I have given Malia the opportunity to complete the requirements of the class in absentia. I had thought that Malia would have learned a lesson when she witnessed Teresa's blatant betrayal of their friendship on numerous occasions. Yet, Malia has proven that she values both the friendship and the word of a compulsive liar and useless hog. Some people just seem to crave abusive relationships and hostile environments. Oh well.

The Asylum is a cesspool. Not only are the students totally committed to degenerate behavior, but so are the faculty. Roach (aka the Dean) sent out a memorandum concerning professional conduct, primarily addressing the issue of gossiping. It hasn't stopped. The fact of the matter is that I know psycho Joanne is a major culprit. I made a vow from Day One of this term that I would no longer have any dealings with my students. Not even a casual situation. The less I'm around, the better it is. So, I thought.

Friday June 9

In an effort to curb the rumor mill, I stated my "no tolerance" policy to my morning classes. Right after I made things clear about how I would report any student to the administration who was found guilty of gossip, Hog  (aka Teresa) ran to Roach to report everything. She also demanded to be removed from my class. Roach called me in later and made insinuations that my time at the Asylum was short. "Do you want my resignation?" I asked the idiot. He then proselytized his weak policies, proving once again that his forté is talking from both sides of his mouth. In classic Roach style, he began to defend Hog. Then, he defended Toad. If I wasn't ready to explode, I would have found the conversation laughable.

"She only wants to get her education," Roach continued. That's the same thing Toad had allegedly said. If education is so important to the swine, then why is it causing so much trouble? Hog's problem with me is that I caught it lying through its jowls while trying to make trouble for Frances a few months ago. As always, Malia has been at the center of the storm. Now, according to Malia, Hog is trying to "save" her from the ol' lavahead. Hog's real agenda is obvious. It wants a group of followers. The evil swine is good at this game. It entraps weak-willed ones (as most locals are). After the dependency has been established, it turns around and sucks the life out of its victims. As always, it must attack and disable anything that it senses as a threat. Enter the ol' lavahead. Well, I have a big bottle of the "Hammer" chillin' in the fridge. I'm only thankful that I have salvaged my friendship with Malia.

Saturday June 10

I talked with Malia this morning. She apparently had just talked with Hog. Evidently, Hog disclosed that her whole purpose in seeing Roach yesterday was to get me fired. She argued with him and demanded that I be removed from the faculty or she will take matter into her own hands. When one is a fat, ugly Hog with nothing else to do, then such threats are understandable. Moms has been acting a little strangely as well.

I can't say that I want to discuss much. I finished off the big bottle of "Hammer" and I put a layer of compost on the yard. I'm just happy that I have a three-day weekend. I'm not going to do much else except vegetate. More later.


I surmise that Hog is going to make big trouble for me, and it's going to involve a lot of people at the Asylum. I also see my termination as early as this week, if the players are as stupid as they seem. I already know that Malia will be called in again. Roach will try to make her "confess" that she and the ol' lavahead have an illicit relationship going on. Most likely, the stupid female staff member will intervene and apply amateur counseling techniques. No matter what Malia says, the moron will interpret that something horrible is going on and is being repressed. Too predictable, isn't it? My guess is that I will have to pursue litigation at some point in time. Roach has already made thinly-veiled threats. His rhetoric is rough around the edges. He reveals his partiality and then tries to gloss it over with his standard "fairness" spiel. The fact that the "kangaroo court" continues really precludes any fairness. This was the same scenario that occurred with Toad. After receiving kudos for assisting a student in distress, I was subsequently looked upon as the perpetrator. Roach made an "about face" maneuver and sided with Toad, especially after the female staff member had those long "counseling sessions" with Toad. History will repeat itself again. Sooner or later, the buck has to stop someplace. That's when people's lives, livelihood, credibility, and sanity are at stake. That's the point I'm at now.

The job at the Asylum isn't worth the hassle. Perhaps there will be a lawsuit and I'll be able to finally put an end to that whole charade. Maybe I'll be able to collect punitive damages and retire. I certainly hope that Hog opens its fat swine lips again. I want her to walk right into a defamation lawsuit. Maybe that will shut the fat pig's mouth.

To be continued ... Go to M.09

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