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  Return of the 
  Stoneface Mack

Hamburger Engineer
Sunday February 1, 1998 Fun & Games
Monday February 2 Call Me Bwana
Tuesday February 3 Weird Al?
Wednesday February 4 End of a Nerd Era
Thursday February 5 Say What?
Friday February 6 Lawnmower Man
Saturday February 7 Yes, Itlan?
Sunday February 8 Defiance
Monday February 9 Cream Pie
Tuesday February 10 Same Ol' Thing
Wednesday February 11 Just Plain Boring, Damnit
Thursday February 12 Sinister Kahuna Day
Friday February 13 Happy V-Day
Saturday February 14 The Big Move
Sunday February 15 New Beginning
Monday February 16 More Work
Tuesday February 17 Plight of the Mindless
Wednesday February 18 Milk Duds
Thursday February 19 In the Labyrinth
Friday February 20 Pain is Pleasure
Saturday February 21 Lament at the Wailing Wall
Sunday February 22 Crashing Browser
Monday February 23 Roach Spray Fumes
Tuesday February 24 Jump
Wednesday February 25 Banality
Thursday February 26 Fixall
Friday February 27 Is it over, yet?
Saturday February 28 Now What?
Hele On With More Banality

The Keeper of Lost Lives: Return of the Stoneface Mack

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