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The Keeper is lost in Web space. And, Dr. Smith is not there to help him out. What will he do? What will he do? And, where is that damned robot?

Lost in Web Space

Year of the Roach
Sunday March 1, 1998
Banality98 Did you know?
According to studies cited in the German newspaper, Süddendeutche Zeitung, the emotional and social stresses of unemployment can affect a person's health. Unemployed people are more likely to have high blood pressure and heart attacks than those who are employed. "Almost all of the unemployed suffer in one way or another from depressive disorders," states Professor Thomas Kieselbach of Hanover University.
Gimme All Yo Dough!
Monday March 2 Lost Cause
Tuesday March 3 Where's Mrs. Miller?
Wednesday March 4 More Nonsense
Thursday March 5 Waves Within
Friday March 6 Mooooo!
Saturday March 7 Neural Nonsense
Sunday March 8 Water Torture
Monday March 9 Slowly I Turn ...
Tuesday March 10 Here Piggy Piggy!
Wednesday March 11 Don't Get Froggy
Thursday March 12 Sinister Kahuna Day
Friday March 13 Dunce
Saturday March 14 Dunce & Dumber
Sunday March 15 Two Interesting Years
Monday March 16 Bench Warming For Dummies
Tuesday March 17
Banality98 Where is he now?
Mr. Potato Head continues to pursue his acting career and other on-going obligations with Burger King. And, he now serves on the Board of Directors of LoserNet. He has been instrumental in the restructuring of LoserNet and is committed to catupulting the modest Web site into the next century. Mr. Potato Head is also the chairperson of the Down With Duffers international campaign.
Wednesday March 18 Like A Loser
Thursday March 19 Madness
Friday March 20 Fried Green Papayas
Saturday March 21 Stasis
Sunday March 22 Save a Tree
Monday March 23 Ho Boy!
Tuesday March 24 Smashing Papayas
Wednesday March 25 Club Cobra
Thursday March 26 Locus of Control
Friday March 27 Mostly Harmless
Saturday March 28 Psychosis
Sunday March 29 Non-Entity
Monday March 30 Catalog of Life
Tuesday March 31

Bumrush da Fools
The April Fool Awaits

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