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Word from The Bull
Friday May 1, 1998 Too Early to Say
Saturday May 2 Back to the Banal
Sunday May 3 Banal is Me
Monday May 4 Slippin' Into Darkness
Tuesday May 5 Formula for Failure
Wednesday May 6 Pound the Pavement
Thursday May 7 Reality is Virtual
Friday May 8 Day at the Zoo
Saturday May 9 Mother's Day
Sunday May 10 Wort Hog
Monday May 11 Worry Wort
Tuesday May 12 Dumb Ass
Wednesday May 13 Here's Artie!
Thursday May 14 Oh Brother
Friday May 15 Aloha
Saturday May 16 Java Blues
Sunday May 17 Retire Now!
Monday May 18 Dollar Days
Tuesday May 19 Best Deal
Wednesday May 20 Fahrenheit 75
Thursday May 21 Water Boy
Friday May 22 Mail's In
Saturday May 23 Friends
Sunday May 24 Remote Control
Monday May 25 Roll Out the Barrel
Tuesday May 26 Denial of Service
Wednesday May 27 Observation
Thursday May 28 Mr. Nobody
Friday May 29 Perfect Moron
Saturday May 30 End Game
Sunday May 31 Orange Whip?
Orange Whip? Orange Whip? Two Orange Whips!

The Keeper of Lost Lives: Banality98

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