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bumrush da fools!

The Same Old Same Old

Clean the Desk Off
Monday June 1, 1998 Temporal Zone
Tuesday June 2 Filler
Wednesday June 3 Slave Boy
Thursday June 4 Fool Boy
Friday June 5 Placebo
Saturday June 6 Idiot Savant
Sunday June 7 Doomed
Monday June 8 Da Luna
Tuesday June 9 Lunacy
Wednesday June 10 Cable Guy
Thursday June 11 Pau Hana Time
Friday June 12 The Loser Show
Saturday June 13 Mush
Sunday June 14 Kona Gold
Monday June 15 Two More Days
Tuesday June 16 Boy in the Army
Wednesday June 17 Sheesh!
Thursday June 18 The L-Files
Friday June 19 Pathos
Sunday June 21 Coffee Break
Monday June 22 Team Loser
Tuesday June 23 Last Day
Wednesday June 24 Mush
Thursday June 25 Uncle
Friday June 26 Left Hook
Saturday June 27 Bose Mania
Sunday June 28 Dilemma
Monday June 29 Dignity
Tuesday June 30 Get a Sony
Life Goes On

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