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bumrush da fools!
Extreme Crap
Wednesday July 1, 1998 Tribulation
Thursday July 2 Zombie
Friday July 3 Da Bomb
Saturday July 4 Same Old Junk
Sunday July 5 In a Funk
Monday July 6 Oxymoron
Tuesday July 7 Resonance
Wednesday July 8 Aural Lobotomy
Thursday July 9 Nefarious Capacitor
Friday July 10 Who Cares?
Saturday July 11 Mall Overkill
Sunday July 12 Lethal Moron
Monday July 13 Cathartic Fool
Tuesday July 14 Delirium
Wednesday July 15 More Delirium
Thursday July 16 Old Days
Friday July 17 Reconstruction
Sunday July 19 Square One
Monday July 20 Mea Culpa (Again)
Tuesday July 21 Learning Who I Am
Wednesday July 22 Forgetting Who I Was
Thursday July 23 Remorse
Friday July 24 The Long Spiel
Self-discovery is difficult to abridge
The Keeper of Lost Lives: bumrush da fools!
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