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The Keeper of Lost Lives
Welcome, my friends, to the show that never ends ...

Wednesday May 1, 1996

Thursday May 2

Friday May 3

Saturday May 4

Cinco de Mayo!

Monday May 6

Tuesday May 7

Wednesday May 8

Thursday May 9

Friday May 10

Monday May 13

Tuesday May 14

Wednesday May 15

Thursday May 16

Friday May 17

Saturday May 18

Sunday May 19

Monday May 20

Tuesday May 21

Wednesday May 22

Thursday May 23

Big Bank Hank vs Loser Geek 
Big Bank Hank Loser
Big Car Yes! Hell no!
Big House Yes! Hell no!
Health Care Only the finest! Cheap HMO
Fitness Best gyms! Sears weight set
Appearance GQ! Dereliction
Personality Disarming! Eunuch
Equipment Summer Sausage! Vienna Sausage
Intellect Genius! Brain Donor
Babes Thousands! Hand(s), Inflatable Babe
Friday May 24

Saturday May 25

Sunday May 26

Memorial Day 1996

Tuesday May 28

Wednesday May 29

Thursday May 30

Friday May 31

Saturday June 1

Sunday June 2

Monday June 3

Tuesday June 4

Wednesday June 5

No Reruns!


The Keeper of Lost Lives

The 42-Year-Old Virgin ... Tralfaz
The Bull ... Himself
The Cardinal ... Himself
Baby ... Herself
You ... Yourself
And a small handful of extras!

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